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Feminine Wisdom Academy

What is Feminine Wisdom?

Feminine Wisdom is an approach, a way of being, and a mode of learning and accessing knowledge and wisdom that is not dependent on logical, linear methods of learning. 

The feminine spiritual paths are about accessing this inner sensing mechanism, our inner feeling sense, and following the thread of where that may leads us. This approach is dynamic, flowing, and ever expanding.  

Masculine paths are are about structure and logic. 

The use the capacities of the mind and the thinking functions, linear methods of learning through books, and external sources of knowledge. 

Many of us need to encounter the external masculine means of learning through text, concepts, ideas and other structures before we are capable or confident in trusting our own inner sources of direct knowing. 

But these external masculine structures should always support the internal ones.  This is their primary function; They are a means to an end and not an end in and of themselves.

In the feminine spiritual approach, it is the masculine aspect that is designed to support the feminine in her expansion into Love. This is the sacred dance of Shiva-Shakti, yin and yang, dark and light, and so on. 

Feminine wisdom is not about gender or sexual orientation. 

Even male bodied individuals can practice feminine wisdom and walk a feminine spiritual path. 

And the truth is that most powerful forms of learning will involve both capacities—the logical thinking mind which is informed by the external structures that guide our learning, which serve to help us cultivate the skills and confidence to ultimately source wisdom and knowledge through our internal capacities of intuition, trust, surrender and direct knowing. 

In Feminine Wisdom it is this inner guidance system that we rely on the most. 

The external structures serve as useful guides and create the necessary container for the learning and growth, but they are not meant to become dogmatic or static. 

The structures serve to inform and guide us in a certain direction, and ultimately their purpose in Feminine Wisdom is to allow them to take us more deeply into ourselves, to penetrate us, to illuminate us, and to take us into a direct and unmediated experience of Truth and Love within. 

Feminine Wisdom therefore is a co-created form of learning. 

As we learn to trust our inner thread of intuition and cultivate tour capacity for direct knowing, using simple spiritual structures as our guide and container, we become less dependent on outside sources and learn instead to go direct—to the source of the Divine Mind, to the Holy Flame of Love and Truth which weaves throughout all creation--and allow ourselves to be led, guided, and taught by this ever-present force of wisdom within.

Intuitive Coaching Certification Program

Way of the Priestess Infographic

Way of the Priestess is our signature training program for women seeking training, education and mentoring in walking the path of an intuitive coach or spiritual healer.

Ideal for those already in the helping profession who want to learn to work with the spiritual, unseen, and energetic realms that affect human behavior.

This program is available to you no matter where in the world you live.  Click here for more information.

"I wanted to personally thank you for your remarkable talents and for helping me...I feel much better today!"

-Susan Cooley, Houston, TX

This Site Has Moved!
Click here to visit my new updated and current website.