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Holistic Healing, Distance Healing Women's Sexuality, Feminine Spirituality, Intimacy and Relationships.

Feminine Wisdom Academy is a women's wisdom school dedicated to holistic healing, education and empowerment of women in the arenas of women's sexuality, intimacy and relationships, and feminine spirituality. 

Below is a description of our current offerings and programs.

This website is currently being updated so check back for more information about our 2020-2021 programs. 

Distance Healing Training:
Way of the Priestess Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Program

Way of the Priestess is our signature training program for women seeking training, education and mentoring in walking the path of an intuitive coach or spiritual healer.

Ideal for those already in the helping profession who want to learn to work with the spiritual, unseen, and energetic realms that affect human behavior.

This program is available to you no matter where in the world you live.  Click here for more information.

Morgan Susan Taylor

I am Susan Morgan Taylor, M.A.,  the founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy and the Pathway to Pleasure Collective.  I am a spiritual teacher, mentor, and and intuitive healer.  I work with clients both in Austin, TX and around the world through my private mentoring, group programs and online intuitive coaching certification.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website!