Get Back To Yourself!

An Alternative Healing Approach to
Love, Sex, and Relationships.

 Are you ready to make a big leap in your life? Ready to consider an alternative to the same old standard methods and approaches to love, sex and relationship that always seem to leave you wondering if this is as "good as it gets"? 

Feeling confused or frustrated as to how to even begin make changes in this arena? Or maybe you have just decided to give up and settle for "what is", after all why stir things up in when everything else seems to be going "fine"?

The topics of sex and sexuality are often considered taboo, and most of us do not grow up with positive associations around our sexuality.  We are given cultural and societal messages that sex is something dirty, shameful, or dangerous.  As a result we never acquire a real education in this arena.  It is assumed that we are to figure it out on our own or worse, to learn from media.  Rarely are we ever taught that sex and our human sexuality can be something truly beautiful and natural, something to be cherished  and experienced as a path to spiritual understanding and deep physical and emotional healing.  

The Feminine Wisdom Academy is dedicated to normalizing the conversation on sex and sexuality and to helping open minded women and couples learn to get what they want in intimacy without feeling like they have to sacrifice themselves to get it.   

It is our mission to empower women and couples with a real education around sex and human sexuality through individual counseling and coaching, group classes, and personal VIP day and couples retreats,  so that they can begin to experience their sexuality as a source of strength, power, pleasure and a natural expression of their inner beauty.

The result is an enhanced feeling of connection, more harmony, peace, confidence and sense of life fulfillment.

Feeling Stuck? Let me Help You Out.

I am Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A., founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy and I believe that women can change the world!  I am a speaker, sexuality educator, alternative healing practitioner and Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern (supervised by Claudia Thompson, LPC-Supervisor). 

I specialize in sexual health and healing for women who want to feel more spiritually and sexually satisfied in their relationships but who often struggle with knowing exactly how to create this for themselves or who are facing sexual dysfunction or pelvic imbalances such as painful intercourse, lack of orgasm, painful menstruation, PMS, and psycho-spiritual issues associated with menopause, etc.  I also work with couples and men.

Please note that sex therapy and counseling services are not the same as sex surrogacy.  I do not have sex with my clients.  Sex therapy and counseling are aimed at helping you resolve the psychosomatic, mental and emotional issues associated with sexual functioning and sexual fulfillment.  

About Us

The Feminine Wisdom Academy was founded by Morgan Susan Taylor and is based in Austin, TX, USA.  We serve clients across the US and around the world  through in person and online programs. Individual and group sessions, classes, workshops and retreats on Feminine Wisdom, feminine spirituality, sexuality  and relationships are taught throughout the year. Check out our "Programs" page for more information about our transformational courses and retreats.

Get going today! Sign up for our free online course "How to Train your Lover: Four Days to a More Satisfying Love Life"Don't let the name intimidate you! Whether you are in a relationship or single, this four part course is a training manual for helping you to deeply reconnect with your creative feminine essence.  I'll deliver it right to your inbox.  And don't worry- I keep your personal info private and safe always. 

What to do next?

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I hope you enjoy browsing my website.  Any questions or comments  please feel free to contact me!

Be Radiant!

Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.

Founder, Feminine Wisdom Academy