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Individual and group sessions, classes and workshops using alternative healing approaches to improve relationships, heal emotions and beliefs, and alleviate physical imbalances for women.

Welcome to The Feminine Wisdom Academy. I am Morgan Susan Taylor--founder,resident teacher, high priestess, healer, and speaker and I believe that women can change the world!

When women learn to be connected to their inherent feminine essence we are able to have unhindered access to our natural creative life force energy.

This results in an increased ability to have more energy, feel more confident, connected and alive, make more money, feel sexier, be more successful and fulfilled in our lives and relationships.

Through a spiritual relationship with and understanding of our bodies, emotions and feminine sexuality we gain a strengthened ability to become powerful agents of healing and awakening in our own lives, our relationships and our communities. Let me help you get get there.

What's it all about?

In my private sessions, workshops, classes and retreats I create a safe and sacred space where you have permission to completely relax and be  yourself. Relaxation and unconditional acceptance open the gateway to the flow of divine energy which facilitates and allows the deeper healing work to be gracefully accomplished.

I facilitate mind-body-energy practices and alternative energy healing techniques that help you to reconnect with you deeper self-your feminine essence and inherent creative life force---allowing you to release old patterns of emotions, belief and behavior.  This is not psychotherapy and is different than " talk-therapy"  or "life coaching" approaches which may be ineffective at getting to the root energetic issue and often take much longer.

During each session you are empowered with practices and tools that you can use out side of sessions to further facilitate the healing and growth work on your own.

In this work we get out of our heads and into our bodies.  We learn to experience the body as the mind. The natural result is that energetic blocks and negative thoughts and feelings gracefully melt away, leaving us feeling renewed, vital, and healed. When we learn to become fully embodied and connected to all of who we are, we are better able to live our lives from an entirely fresh perspective.

When women learn to stay connected to their feminine essence and release the internal blocks that get in the way, many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, listlessness, purposelessness, etc melt away as a new sense of creativity, passion and joy emerge.

I use energy work, intuitive healing and psychic readings, spiritual coaching, sacred dance and inspired movement to help you get unstuck.  It is a bit like clearing the debris from a river so that the river can flow unobstructed in a  healthy way again.  

Each woman is unique and so each session and process of healing is also unique.  There is no one size fits all.  This work is custom tailored to you and who you are.

We all get caught up in patterns of over giving, not enough rest, delaying our creative pursuits, etc. which can cause us to feel overwhelmed, depressed, and sometimes very stuck in our lives. 

Often we blame our situations or our relationships for how we are feeling and while some changes may indeed need to be made here,  we only realize lasting change when we remember to return first to ourselves.

From this stance of deep connection to our femininity, and creative life force we can literally change the circumstances of our lives by changing who we are being in each moment. Then we can truly embody and effortlessly live out new habits, new ways of seeing, and new ways of responding to our relationships and life.

Get going today! Sign up for our free online course "How to Train your Lover: Four Days to a More Satisfying Love Life"Don't let the name intimidate you! Whether you are in a relationship or single, this four part course is a training manual for helping you to deeply reconnect with your creative feminine essence.  I'll deliver it right to your inbox.  And don't worry- I keep your personal info private and safe always. 

Who I help

I work with women facing three types of common issues:

1. Relationship Healing:

  • Women in a relationship who are struggling to be heard, seen, feel sexually satisfied, etc.
  • Single women who have struggled to find that right relationship.
  • Women who want to learn how to use relationship a s platform for healing and spiritual growth.

2. Emotional Issues:

  • Women struggling with life purpose or finding meaning.
  • Need help gaining confidence in using their talents and gifts to make a living and work for themselves.
  • Issues around juggling a career and raising children.
  • Facing a generalized and unnamed sense of stuckness or directionless.
  • Not feeling feminine or sexy anymore.

3. Physical Issues:

  • Women dealing with chronic low back or shoulder pain.
  • Imbalances in the sexual organs.
  • Loss of libido or interest in sex.
  • Lack of intimacy.
  • Anxiety
  • Please note: I do not diagnose, heal or cure any disease or illness.  I work with the energetic aspects of imbalances and help you to support  your body in its natural ability to function properly of which the result may be an absence of symptoms. I do not claim to heal or cure any physical condition, illness or disease.

What to do next?

Ready to take the next step? Here are a few ways to move forward. Choose the one that suits you the best!

1. Take my FREE online class How to Train Your Lover: Four Days to a More Satisfying Love Life".  Even if you are single right now, this class can be of huge benefit to help you take the first steps at getting unstuck and healing some of the negative behaviors and thoughts that are keeping you stuck. Don't let the name intimidate you.  I created the material after finding my own way out of a very challenging time when I was single and loverless and unclear about how to reconnect with my deeper self. Click here to learn more or to enroll

2. Connect with me directly: Book your complimentary discovery session today.  Talk with me in a private one on one hone call.  Tell me about your situation, your goals, desires etc.  Let's see if we are a good fit to work together! Click here to learn more.

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I hope you enjoy browsing my website.  Any questions or comments  please feel free to contact us!

Be Radiant!

Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.                                                                               Founder, Feminine Wisdom Academy