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Creating the Intimacy you want can sometimes be a challenge.  Perhaps you are feeling confused or frustrated as to how to even begin make changes in this arena? Or maybe you have just decided to give up and settle for "what is", after all why stir things up in when everything else seems to be going "fine"?

Sexual intimacy concerns are more common than you may realize.  Do  experience any of the following?:

  •  Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of desire
  • Difficulty with orgasm
  • Difference in sexual desire between partners.
  •  Communication issues.
  • Sexual trauma.
  • A desire to Improve communication
  • A desire for deeper a emotional or spiritual connection
  • A desire to increase feelings of sexual fulfillment.
  • A desire to experience more pleasure and joy!
Morgan Susan Taylor

If so, working with a sexual health expert can help you resolve these common issues and get the help you need. Sex therapy is a specialty within the mental health and counseling field that addresses a wide range of sexual and intimacy concerns to facilitate your healing and growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (Please note: sex therapists do NOT have sex with their clients.)

I am Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.  I am the founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy, Austin Texas based sex therapist, alternative healing practitioner and intimacy expert specializing in sexual health and healing for women and couples. I work with clients both in Austin, TX and around the world. Welcome to my website!  Here you will learn general information about women's sexuality, alternative healing techniques and approaches. and about my services in counseling and sex therapy in Austin, TX. 

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