Get Back To Yourself!

An Alternative Healing Approach to
Love, Sex, and Relationships.

Welcome to The Feminine Wisdom Academy! I am Morgan Susan Taylor--founder, speaker, alternative healing practitioner, sexuality educator and relationship coach and I believe that women can change the world! Through a spiritual relationship with and understanding of our bodies, emotions, and feminine sexuality we gain a strengthened ability to become powerful agents of healing and awakening in our own lives, our relationships and our communities.

When you learn to be connected to your inherent feminine essence you are able to have unhindered access to your natural creative life force energy. This results in more energy, feeling more confident, connected and alive, the potential to make more money, feel sexier,  and be more successful and feel more fulfilled in your life and relationships.

Feeling Stuck? Let me Help You Out.

The Feminine Wisdom Academy helps open minded women who want to feel more spiritually and sexually satisfied in their relationships but who often struggle with not knowing exactly how to create this for themselves.  I offer private coaching, alternative healing, group classes, workshops and retreats so that women can get what they want in their lives and relationships without feeling like they have to sacrifice themselves to get it.  (I also occasionally work with couples and men too. Contact me to learn more.)

Whether you are a mom, wife, dedicated career woman, divorcee, happily partnered, single forever or any combination of these, sometimes you encounter that desire for an unidentifiable "more".

  • Your life (career, love, sex, and relationships, etc...) just doesn't feel creative or passionate like it used to.
  • You are struggling with feeling insecure or purposeless and you want to get back to yourself and feel supported and alive again.
  • You are longing to know how to "re-model" your current relationship or attract a new one that reflects your most cherished values and desires for a truly spiritual partnership but feel at a loss for how to do so. 
  • You are frustrated and confused: You had "great" intimacy in a past relationship but now, even though you are otherwise "happy" in your current relationship, you struggle to re-create that same depth, connection and fulfillment you secretly long for.
  • You long to feel acknowledged and valued for who you are but often feel like you have to fight just to feel seen and heard.   
  • You  have a nagging feeling of having lost your sense of identity, purpose or direction. You can't remember who you really are anymore. 
  • Or maybe you have that  nagging sense that something is "missing" but you just can't quite put a finger on it, and you wish you knew how to fix it!

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How Feminine Wisdom Can Help

Unlike other approaches which only focus on talking about the problem or the opposite-- keeping you completely silent while the practitioner "works on" you, Feminine Wisdom is a comprehensive approach to women's wellness that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual and social aspects of your life  in a practical  and holistic way so that you can feel more confident, beautiful, passionate and powerful.

You will learn how to incorporate the Feminine Wisdom practices and teachings into your daily life and relationships so that you can gain a sense of control over the direction of your life, feel more satisfied in  love and sex and cultivate more conscious loving relationships that support who you are and who you want to be.

Feminine Wisdom teaches you how to enhance and consistently access your natural intuition so that you can make decisions more easily with out constantly doubting yourself.

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About Us

The Feminine Wisdom Academy was founded by Morgan Susan Taylor and is based in Austin, TX, USA.  We serve clients across the US and around the world  through in person and online programs. Individual and group sessions, classes, workshops and retreats on Feminine Wisdom, feminine spirituality, sexuality  and relationships are taught throughout the year. Check out our "Programs" page for more information about our transnational courses and retreats.

Get going today! Sign up for our free online course "How to Train your Lover: Four Days to a More Satisfying Love Life"Don't let the name intimidate you! Whether you are in a relationship or single, this four part course is a training manual for helping you to deeply reconnect with your creative feminine essence.  I'll deliver it right to your inbox.  And don't worry- I keep your personal info private and safe always. 

What to do next?

Ready to take the next step? Here are a few ways to move forward. Choose the one that suits you the best!

1. Take our  FREE online class How to Train Your Lover: Four Days to a More Satisfying Love Life".  Even if you are single right now, this class can be of huge benefit to help you take the first steps at getting unstuck and healing some of the negative behaviors and thoughts that are keeping you stuck. Don't let the name intimidate you.  I created the material after finding my own way out of a very challenging time when I was single and loverless and unclear about how to reconnect with my deeper self. Click here to learn more or to enroll

2. Connect with me directly: Book a complimentary Discovery Session today.  Talk with me in a private one on one phone call.  Tell me about your situation, your goals, desires etc. and find the Feminine Wisdom program that is right for you Click here to learn more.

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I hope you enjoy browsing my website.  Any questions or comments  please feel free to contact us!

Be Radiant!

Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.

Founder, Feminine Wisdom Academy