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Bring Back the Love! Create the Intimacy You Want

Sometimes it can be a challenge to feel intimately connected or sexually satisfied. Perhaps you are feeling confused or frustrated as to how to even begin make changes in this arena? Or maybe you have just decided to give up and settle for "what is", after all why stir things up in when everything else seems to be going "fine"?

Do you experience:

  • Difficulty with orgasm.
  • Not feeling intimately connected to your partner.
  • Too tired for sex or never seem to be in the mood (low desire).
  • Communication issues.
  • Unbalanced desire for sexual intimacy--one partner wants it more than the other.
  • Not feeling passionate or sexually attracted to your partner anymore.
  • A desire to spice things up and be more confident or adventurous in the bedroom but not sure how to go about it.
  • Anxiety, self consciousness, body image concerns, mental distractions, etc.

Sexual and intimacy concerns are more common than you may realize. Working with a sexuality expert can help you resolve these common issues and put you back on the path to creating the intimacy and relationship you really want. Wouldn't it be nice to overcome all the obstacles, distractions and baggage that gets in the way and learn to cultivate the intimacy and sex life of your dreams?

Alternative Healing and Feminine Spirituality & Leadership

Our unique course offerings are aimed at providing a practical education on women's sexuality, alternative healing and feminine spirituality and leadership. Certification programs are also available for women desiring to expand their skill set and/or earn an income teaching and  empowering other women through this work.

Feminine Wisdom Academy courses are available to take in person or online.  Most in person classes are taught in Austin, TX but feel free to contact us about hosting a course or workshop in your area. Check out our "Programs" tab to view our current offerings.

Morgan Susan Taylor

I am Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.  I am the founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy, Austin Texas based sex therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (supervised by Claudia Thompson, LPC-S) and alternative healing practitioner specializing in sexual health and healing for women and couples.

I work with clients both in Austin, TX and around the world through individual one on one coaching and counseling as well as transformative courses on women's sexuality, alternative healing and feminine spirituality and leadership.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website.  To learn more about how to work with me click here.

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