Engaging The Mystery Women's Group

About the Group

This women's group is for women who deeply desire to develop a greater capacity to live from a place of deep truth, from a place of deep listening and guidance from Source.  It is for  spiritual seekers who are committed to the path of cultivating true peace, clarity and understanding. Women who desire to fully embrace their life purpose and who are committed to discovering what it means to taking full responsibility for their spiritual growth, relationships and physical health.

The purpose of this weekly women's group is to leverage the benefit of spiritual guidance and support while deepening our experience of and connection to the feminine face of God.  We will work together both as a group and individually to deepen our experience of the Sacred Feminine principle as we invite and experience it in our lives for our spiritual healing and personal awakening.

The focus of this group is to strengthen your ability to hear the wisdom within, to fortify your ability to get our answers from a place of your highest wisdom, to empower yourself by solidifying your spiritual foundation with a stronger connection to your Soul.

Course Goals:
•    To cultivate a solid foundation for authentic inner work
•     To build a strong foundation for listening to the wisdom of the Soul
•    To clear out the hindrances and attachments that  prevent us from deepening our spiritual connection and listening to our Soul’s wisdom.
•    To invite an authentic experience of the Sacred in our daily lives by bringing awareness to the Divine feminine principle
•    To have accountability and support as we engage on this journey.

Course Objectives:
•    Goals will be accomplished in class through readings of sacred texts, teachings and conversations on related topics, mind-body meditation practices, and soul work, journaling and prayer and meditation.
•    Out of class assignments may be given to strengthen ones ability to engage in spiritual work on ones own time.

Course Outcomes:
•    By the end of this course the attendee will have a good grasp on the basic mechanics of how to enter into authentic dialoguing with the soul and conversing with the Divine.
•     Common obstacles and attachments will be cleared away with the ability of the student to return at any time to work independently on further issues as they arise in the future.
•    An experiential understanding of what it means to balance and embrace the feminine aspect of the Divine in ones own life.

Sample Daily Outline
•    Sacred readings from select mystical and sacred text
•    Spiritual teachings and discussions on a related topic
•    Cultivating the practice: dialoguing with the soul, inner meditations and soul work exercises
•    Group sharing, processing, and healing
•    Mind-body meditations--cultivating the Divine feminine principle
•    Receiving of the Divine energy
•    Closing

Not Just Another Spiritual “Grocery List”

In learning to take time for real spiritual transformation, communicating with the Divine becomes not a chore or something that “should” be done, but rather something sacred that is looked forward to, a special place one goes to to experience God.

Too many of us already have enough in our lives to “do” and listening to the Divine is not something more for you to add to your list.  Rather it is an opportunity for you to begin to learn to “be” in a perpetual state of union and communion with the Divine.  This state of communion is realized only when we awaken to and cultivate within our own being the feminine qualities of receptivity and intuition.

Quenching Your Thirst: What It Means to Experience the Feminine Face of God

The symbol of the chalice, the Holy Grail, represents the divine feminine aspect.  A chalice, like the feminine principle, is receptive; it is a container in which the energy and wisdom of God is received, it is a sacred vessel into which the Divine pours forth its grace and blessings.

In re-awakening yourself to the Sacred Feminine principle, you learn to access this state of deep receptivity and in so doing touch a place within yourself that is always connected to intuition, prophecy, and healing.

In this women’s group you will learn to allow this natural aspect of your feminine nature to come forth.  You will learn to go to a deeper place of communion and receiving of the Divine.  You will begin to clear out the things within the sacred vessel of your Soul that prevent you from receiving grace so that you become a  clear and ready vessel for the true awakening of the God within.

Running a Ground or Grounding Your Spirituality?

If you desire to add more meaning to your life, to live from a place of more  groundedness and purpose in your spiritual life with real support and real skills to do so, then this workshop if for you.

As a spiritual guide, healer and teacher, I draw from many wisdom traditions when I teach.  This is not at all about religion or dogma but rather about cultivating an authentic relationship with your unique and personal understanding and experience of God.

This group is open to all walks of faith and belief and all experience levels.  The only per-requisite is a sincere desire to cultivate an authentic personal spiritual path.

Are you ready to make a commitment to your transformation today?

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