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The Magdalene Circles

The Magdalene Circles are a series of courses on women's spirituality and empowerment that teach women a set of powerful practices and approaches to life that allow them  to access and activate their feminine power, intuition, and healing.

Despite the name, the circles are not religious.   Women of all beliefs, faiths, and walks of life come to participate in the circles.  In the circles women find their voices, activate their power and intuition, heal themselves and their relationships, and awaken to an empowered connection to their feminine sexuality.  The circles help women learn to embrace the essence of their femininity and understand how to harness its power as it informs and flows through all areas of their life, work, and relationships.

To learn how you can participate in an upcoming cirlce please fill out an invitation request here.

Some of the benefits of participating in a circle include:

  •  Identify and transcend limiting beliefs and behavior patterns.
  • Reconnect with your creative life force and learn how to consciously direct it to connect with more fulfillment in any are of your life.
  • Feel more feminine, sexy, and alive.
  • Connect more deeply and authentically with your intimate partner.
  • Use the power of feminine receptivity and magnetism to draw to you the things and experience you need to quantum leap you into a more expanded, fulfilled and prosperous experience of life.
  • Feel more supported as you learn how to use your relationships to leverage your growth and support your expansion.

About the Modules

The courses are taught in 4 modules each of which are five weeks long with the exception of module 4, Engaging the Mystery which is also sometimes offered as a full day retreat.  The courses are taught by in person meetings or may also be offered virtually by live tele-class.  

Each series is geared towards a specific area or aspect of Feminine Wisdom principles and practices and you may take any series at anytime and do not have to do so in chronological order.

To learn more about each module, find upcoming dates and or to learn about how to register for a circle, please click on the appropriate link below.

Module 1: Introduction to Feminine Wisdom (Click here to learn more about this module)

Module 2: The Art of Sacred Relationship (Click here to learn more about this module)

Module 3: Awakening Radiance Sacred Dance (Click here to learn more about this module)

Module 4: Engaging the Mystery: Advanced Sacred Circle for Women (Click here to learn more about this module)

Who Should Attend?

The Magdalene Circles women's groups are for women who intuitively sense that more is possible for their lives, relationships, and careers.  They are geared towards women who are ready to take action towards getting themselves unstuck so they can live the life they desire while making a difference in the world.

The courses are designed to help women with these common issues I see:

  • You want to get out of feeling "stuck" in one or more areas of your life but you are not  sure how to "get out of neutral" and gain real traction.
  • You want to stop taking on other peoples "stuff" but don't know how and you lack a method for clearing or processing the "stuff" you are already holding onto.
  • You want to learn how to use feminine magnetism to step into effortless co-creation, you want practices that are simple to learn and effective.
  • You get easily blown off center by your emotions or the emotions of other people so that it diminishes your power and efficacy in one or more areas of your life.  You want to learn how to manage your energy to stay grounded, focused and in your power even in the more challenging circumstances of life.
  • You are exhausted at the end of your day and have little energy for attending to your inner life.  You want to know how to have more energy so that you can do more of the things you want to be doing.
  • You have always held a higher vision for your primary intimate relationship but your don't know how to get your partner on board  OR you currently desire a deeply fulfilling relationship but have not had much luck drawing in the "right" one. 
  • You have an inner urge to live according to your inner creative impulses but you feel like you cannot access your creative self, or  you are shut down, not confident, or you get overwhelmed and confused as to the "form" your creativity should take.

To learn more about each module including upcoming dates click here

To learn more about how you can participate in an upcoming circle please fill out an invitation request here.

Teaching Style

The groups are taught in a "dynamic flow" format.  What that means is that I respond directly to the energy and desires of the group while touching on specific teaching points and imparting information as it relates to the flow of what is happening in the room.

In other words, the dynamics of what the group brings in collectively as well as what you bring in individually will dictate the nature of the practices and teachings I bring in.  In this way the nature of the circles will vary from class to class and over time and will also be custom tailored to you and your needs.

The groups are limited to 8 participants.  To ensure you are placed into the appropriate group, participation in The Magdalene Circles is by  invitation. Please fill out an invitation request if you would like to attend or to receive more information about attending a future group.

About the Name

In the East there are many faces of the feminine.  There are goddesses like Kali, Tara,  Kuan Yin, Saraswati, Shakti, VajraYogini, and many more.  But in the Western cultures the face of the Feminine has often been overlooked or ignored. And what few people realize is that the West has its own enlightenment traditions which show a striking similarity to the ancient traditions of the East.

Some such mystical traditions regard Mary Magdalene as the feminine embodiment of the Divine. Magdalene is the Sophia or Wisdom of God, incarnate in woman's form and is regarded as the equal and opposite of Yeshua who is the Logos or Word of God, the Divine incarnate in a mans form.  The two together form the Word and Wisdom, perfect balance of masculine and feminine and offer us an example of the perfection of manhood and womanhood.  They are symbols of the highest potential of every man and every woman and are understood as a physical incarnation of the Divine Lovers. Like yin and yang, one brings balance to the other and neither can exist separate from one another. The world is uplifted by their love and the interplay of their male and female energies. 

Magdalene then offers to us Western women a fresh perspective on an old story.  Through this mystical and non-traditional understanding of Mary Magdalene, women are given a voice.  Women are given a central role to play in a story that once included only men. 

Because the past exists only by how we remember it,  by introducing a new perspective into an old and imbalanced paradigm, we are offered the opportunity to literally rewrite history.  The wounded collective consciousness and the individual psyche of modern woman is offered a chance to heal and be made whole as we collectively remember the story differently. What was once His-tory, now becomes Our-story. It is said that in our modern day it is through woman that  the new planetary awakening will be birthed. This is the awakening of the Divine Feminine.  


To learn more about each module including upcoming dates click here

To learn more about participating in an upcoming circle please click here to fill out an invitation request

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