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"The Love Talks"
A Unique Party Idea for "Outside The Box"
Forward Thinking Women

The Love Talks are a truly unique party idea!

Private in home educational "parties"  for outside the box, spiritually oriented women who want to experience more love, passion, intimacy, happiness, and sacredness in their lives, bodies, and relationships.

Real. Relaxed.  Authentic.

The Love Talks are real, relaxed, and authentic facilitated conversations around the issues women struggle with the most in love and intimacy at any age or life stage.

An enlightened educational approach to these issues provides a spiritual perspective and fresh solutions that women can implement into their lives and relationships immediately so that they can get more of what they want out of life without feeling like they have to sacrifice themselves to get it!                            

The Love Talks are best described as fun and educational "parties" where women learn the skills required to re-ignite the passion in their marriage or relationship, deepen the intimacy, re-kindle lost desire, improve body image and self esteem, and bring more spirituality and sense of sacredness into their lives and relationships.

The Love Talks are a unique party idea with four themes to choose from: Intimacy and Relationships, Sensuality and Sexuality, Feminine Spirituality and Leadership, or "Circle of the Guardians" for Women over 50.

Private.  Comfortable.  Trusted.

The Love Talks are held in the privacy and comfort of your own home and enjoyed with a group of your trusted friends and sisters.  And don't worry--though we may talk very freely and openly about love, sex, and relationships, we stay quite "inside the ETHICAL box" when it comes to these topics.

The Love Talks are designed to be fun, classy events for women where they can feel safe to relax and learn together with other trusted female friends-you will NEVER be asked to undress, to touch yourself or inappropriately touch anyone else during The Love Talks!

A Unique Party Idea for Almost Any Occasion.

The Love Talks make a great "ladies night in" and are a unique party idea for almost any kind of event. No need to have a particular reason to host a Love Talk, but they do make an excellent unique birthday party idea, classy  bachelorette party,  bridal shower idea,  women's networking event, and more!

How it Works

1. Choose Your Love Talk Theme:

Let's get together with some girlfriends and normalize the conversation on sex, intimacy and relationships!  Gathering in the company of trusted girlfriends in a safe setting to talk about the issues we encounter around sex and intimacy can be a powerfully healing experience, especially when you discover that you are not alone in your struggles.  And the best part is that you will leave this party with practical solutions and new perspectives that you can begin to implement right away to create big changes in your life and relationships.

 Theme 1:
The Art of Sacred Relationship:
Intimacy and Relationships

The Intimacy and Relationship theme will focus on equipping women with skills to deepen the emotional connection and imbue spiritual meaning and purpose into their current relationship.  Participants will learn powerful communication techniques that enhance intimacy and be introduced to a spiritual framework for approaching relationships as spiritual paths for personal growth and transformation.

Theme 2
Enlightened Intimacy:
Sensuality and Sexuality

The Sensuality and Sexuality theme will introduce women to the some of the basic principles of Enlightened Intimacy- or sensuality and sexuality as a spiritual path for personal growth and transformation.  Participants will understand the fundamental spiritual and energetic principles which underlie sacred sexuality while being introduced to practices they can do on their own to help them cultivate and sustain more pleasure and orgasmic potential during sex.  And remember--you will NEVER be asked to undress, to touch yourself or inappropriately touch anyone else during ANY portion of The Love Talks!

Theme 3
Feminine Radiance:
Spirituality and Leadership

 There is a lot of talk these days about awakening your "Divine Feminine" and living in your "feminine power".  But what does this actually mean? What is feminine power? And what do we mean by feminine "radiance"?  What does feminine leadership and spirituality actually look like?  In this informative and experiential presentation you will learn how to consciously cultivate an experience of your own Divine Feminine.  Learn to experience your inner beauty, grace and power as you move from mere concept into a lived experience of what it means to awaken your divine feminine!

Theme 4
"Circle of the Guardians"
For Women Over 50

Sex, intimacy and relationships change over time for all women but as a woman approaches her 50's and beyond she is faced with an entirely new set of concerns around sex, body image, health and vitality.

Though sexual desire decreases for many women over the age of 50, it remains the same or increases for over 50% of them.  Cultural myths that promote the idea that a high sex drive and everlasting youth are what make a woman "desirable" or "sexy" can lead to feelings of confusion and disenfranchisement as it brings into question a woman's sexual self esteem, her confidence in herself as a woman and her changing feelings about her body image, her beauty and worth as a "woman".

The Circle of The Guardians provides a sacred space for women over 50 to talk candidly about their changing experience of their sexuality, intimacy, relationships and views on spirituality in a way that is life affirming and deeply honoring to their femininity and sense of womanhood.  It is a place to celebrate who we have been as women and what kind of women we are becoming as we enter into the Guardian archetype--the sacred keepers of wisdom and givers of womanly knowledge, compassion, and love.

2. Choose a Date and Book Your Love Talk Party

The Love Talks parties last about 2 hours . The cost is $350 for up to 10 people  then $35 per person after that.  A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking to guarantee your date.

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3.  Gather and Invite Your Sisterhood Tribe!

Once your date is selected and reserved, go forth and invite your friends! The nature of The Love Talks is that you gather your own group of girlfriends and host the party in your home or the home of one of your friends.  If you need help forming a group or are interested in joining an already formed group please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


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