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Grocery Store Yoga:
Mastering the Art of Instant Life Change
FREE Tele-class

Discover your way to better health, more authentic relationships, and a purpose filled life!

In this tele-class you will learn:

-The 10 Myths of instant life change
-The 4 ingredients to a developing an authentic path to life change
-The 5 common obstacles that block your success
-How to apply the concept of “grocery store yoga” into your daily life.
-An introduction to the Divine Feminine principle

About the Call

Let’s face it. We live in a world packed with activity, family, kids, work, and mile long to do lists. At the same time most of us are seeking inner balance, peace, healthy bodies and meaningful relationships and a life lived from our soul’s purpose.

How do you achieve these things when there is so much distraction and so many demands for our time and attention?

The answer: Grocery Store Yoga.

What is grocery store yoga? It is a way to achieve the very balance, harmony, peace, health and sense of purpose that you long for in a way that works with the flow of your busy life.

It is a way of incorporating effective practices into your normal busy life in a practical way that flows naturally with your daily experiences.

The biggest myth in achieving instant life change is the belief that you do not have time for it. As a busy single mother of two I learned how to incorporate effective practices into my daily life that I can only best refer to as “meditation on the fly” or if you prefer “Grocery Store Yoga”.

I call it this because these practices, when learned, understood and applied, can be done anywhere, anytime, and as part of your regular daily experience, even when grocery shopping!

You can learn to work with the natural rhythm of your life instead of against it and as a result gain more peace, healthier bodies, more authentic relationships, abundance, and a life filled with purpose.

Join me in the tele-call as I help you create a more positive understanding of the role of “discipline” and “commitment” as it relates to life change and spiritual growth.

The class is free but you do need to register in advance. Registration is easy and if you cannot make the live call please register anyway –I will send you a link so you can access the recorded copy afterwards.

Register Now for the live call and get ready to invite radical transformation into your life.

I so look forward to having you on the call. After you register a link will be sent with the log in information for the call.

Blessings! Morgan