Statement of Confidentiality

Our office maintains a strict policy of confidentiality. All staff are required to protect the privacy of all clients by not disclosing their names or session details to anyone outside of the treatment setting. Information relating to session details will be released to appropriate parties only if the client signs a consent form authorizing us to do so.

All inquires about the clients, whether in writing, telephone, or in person, will be responded to with a statement similar to this, "We cannot confirm or deny any information unless we have a client’s prior written consent."

There are rare occasions when, at our ethical discretion, we may suspend our policy of confidentiality which parallels the State of Texas ethical and legal guidelines of a licensed professional counselor, social worker, or therapist:

1. When we have good reason to believe that a client may be involved in the abuse or neglect of a child, elderly or disabled person;
2. When we have good reason to believe that a client may be in danger to self or others;
3. When emergency personnel in an emergency situation are requesting information necessary to treat the individual.

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