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What is a Priestess?

The High Priestess is an timeless feminine archetype of power and intuition.  She is the intermediary between the physical and spiritual realms, and gracefully navigates and facilitates communication between these two worlds.  She is the pathway to the Divine and the conduit for receiving and disseminating Divine wisdom.

Those who embody the priestess archetype are often:

  • In the helping profession:  coaches, healers, counselors, teachers, etc.

  • Highly creative: dancers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, sales professionals or corporate business women.

  • Highly sensitive: may get easily overwhelmed or experience bouts of anxiety, depression or self doubt.

  • Highly intuitive: feel the feelings of others easily and may have difficulty discerning their own emotions from the emotions and thoughts of others.
  • Working With the Subconscious

     “The body is the unconscious mind! Repressed traumas caused by overwhelming emotion can be stored in a body part, thereafter affecting our ability to feel that part or even move it.”

    - --from "Molecules of Emotion"  by Dr. Candace B. Pert, scientist and researcher

     I talk a lot about how old emotional experiences are stored in our bodies in my women's sexuality courses.  Specifically I teach you how these old emotional experiences can get in the way of our ability to experience sexual pleasure and often are at the root of a woman's difficulty or inability to experience orgasm.

     In addition to helping or hindering our ability to experience sexual pleasure, our emotions have an effect on us in many other ways either leading to the healthy functioning of our cells or contributing to illness and dis-ease in the body and mind  over time.

     In the words of the late Dr. Candace B. Pert:

    "Mind doesn't dominate body, it becomes the body-body and mind are one."

     In other words our thoughts and feelings--that which our mind is made up of-literally become the physical body over time.  Our mind energy holds patterns and broadcasts information based on the emotional patterns we are playing out in our lives.  This affects how we feel about ourselves, how others see us and relate to us and what we manifest and create in our lives.

    The good news is that there is a way to re-program the body-mind, to change what is no longer serving us in our subconscious by working with the very thing it is made up of--energy.   

    Limiting beliefs can be changed in an instant when we work with the energy they are made up of .  Old traumas can be cleared inn an instant when we understand how to unlock and unravel the stuck emotional energy being held in the body.

    It's Easier Than You Think

    If I told you I was going to teach you to do intuitive readings, communicate with guardian angles and spirit guides, clear a room, a home or a person of unwanted negative energies, while also learning how to intuitively work with the human  body and understand how to heal it, the first thing you would probably ask me is "Gee that 's a lot of stuff.  How many workshops and classes do I have to take to learn how to do all that?  That must take a long time and sounds like a lot of work."

    In truth though it is not as hard as it may seem and I can teach you how to do this an more in one consolidated training which is why I created the Priestess Training Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Certification. 

    Most of us live in a world where we are constrained by the collective belief in linear time and as a result we have come to believe that things take a LONG time to learn and that transformation takes a LONG time to happen.  And healing? Oh, especially healing, that is HARD and takes TIME, right?

     Well, actually no, not necessarily.

     If I told you that I healed my chronic low back pain of 14 years in less than two minutes  would you believe me? 

    We tend to think that because some pattern has been hanging around for a long time that it is going to take a long time to change it.  And that simply is just not always true.  All healing is ultimately self healing so much of it has to do with you or your clients readiness and desire for healing. 

     You can change a pattern in an instant.  You can heal the body in an instant.  You can transform your life in an instant. 

     And yes, you can train to be a Priestess and Intuitive Coach in a single training.

    My goal is to equip you  so that you can actually use what you learn in the training in your personal and professional life to make more money, enhance or deepen your coaching, counseling, or healing skills, and divinely create the life you have always dreamed of. 

    About Way of the Priestess Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Certification

    This training is designed for the woman with little to no experience with alternative energy healing or coaching,  but is also suitable for someone who has already had some training or who wishes to cultivate their natural abilities but who needs some guidance and a structure to help them go deeper and be more effective.

    The only pre-requisite is an open mind and a genuine desire to grow!

    Priestess Training is ideal for any woman in any profession who wants to learn how to use her natural gifts of intuitiion and healing for helping herself or others but is especially suited for women who are already in the helping profession and who want to learn how to work on a deeper more effective level with their clients.

    This training will show you how to harness the power and support of the spiritual realms to heal, coach, counsel, and change your life and the lives of others.

    What You Will Learn:

    • About the Priestess Archetype, why it is important, how to develop it and how to use it in your life.
    • About the Elevations of Consciousness: what they are and how to access them.
    • Understand the function and use of altered states of consciousness for healing, manifesting, intuitive work.
    • The Access Meditations: Learn how to consciously access altered states by slowing your brainwaves to deep delta-theta.
    • Learn to  work with the delta-theta brain wave and the Divine Feminine consciousness to create healing and do intuitive readings.
    • Overcome the three obstacles to doing effective intuitive work.
    •  The Belief Matrix: Understand how disease and imbalance is energetically created in the body through limiting beliefs and stuck emotions and  learn to shift them easily.
    •  Epigenetics: understand how your beliefs and emotions affect your health and create your reality.  Learn to energetically influence the morphogenetic field and why energy is more effective than a pill to resolve imbalances.
    • Learn the limitations of belief work and what else you can do to get to the "root" of an issue.
    •  Why affirmations are often ineffective and how to make them work.  Learn a simple practice you can do alone or with a client to help move stuck energy and manifest a new reality in alignment with your desires and affirmations.
    •  The Physiology of Emotions: how emotions affect your physical health and why traumatic experiences get stuck in the body and how to resolve them.
    •  Resolve trauma gently without having to re-live the experience or talk about it incessantly.
    •  Intuitive Arts: learn how to communicate with angels, spirit guides, the higher self, clear a room, a person, or an object of negative energy. 
    •  How to do an intuitive reading.  Read the body, read past lives and resolve past life issues that may be affecting the present.  Learn to do future readings and understand the limitations of them.
    • The Art of Ritual: Learn a simple ritual you can use with yourself or your clients to help move them more quickly through an issue.  Learn the elements of a ritual and how to create your own rituals for any purpose.
    •  Altar building: the purpose of an altar and how to construct one.
    • Energetic Programming: Programing objects, rooms and Programming the light body.
    • Chakra Healing: learn how to intuitively work with the chakras to remove energetic and emotional blocks.

    Taking it Deeper

    • Presence and Awareness: Mastering the art of "Being" and "Allowing" for effortless clearing of limiting beliefs and stuck emotions.
    • Relationship Clearing: remove old baggage, vows and commitments that keeps you or your clients stuck in the past so you can move forward without guilt, fear, anxiety or constantly looking backwards.
    • Trauma Point Clearing Technique--re-pattern Specific Events in your past that are keeping you stuck or contributing to physical issues.
    • Intuitive Body Readings Expanded: communicating with the organs.
    • Women's healing ritual.
    • Individualized guidance and support.
    • Complete your certification process and graduate as a Certified Intuitive Coach.

    Live Life Outside the Box

    Being a Priestess has nothing to do with religion. A priestess is an archetype, a role, a way of being in the world. When a woman learns to consciously embody the priestess archetype she is learning to master the realms of the spiritual and physical. Regardless of your religion. spiritual beliefs or profession you are probably already using some of these skills without realizing it.

    Most of us live our lives according the perceived rules and limitations of the physical world.   We have unconsciously accepted beliefs and perceptions about "reality" that keep us locked into old patterns and ways of being and believing that keep us stuck and limited. 

    This eventually leads to feelings of frustration, disconnection, confusion, and a sense of powerlessness to influence the direction of our lives.

    But the Priestess understands that the physical realm is nothing more than a reflection of her own mind. To change the physical world, she learns to change her mind.  She knows how to consistently alter her perception so that she can see things the way they really are.

    She trains herself to see things the way the Divine sees them.

    And from her seat of elevated knowing, she uses her wisdom to change the course of her life and to help others do the same. 

    The Priestess Training Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Certification will provide you with a fundamental and practical structure for working with energy, communicating with guides and angelic realms, changing limiting beliefs in yourself and others, healing trauma, and working with physical issues and imbalances in the body.

    You do NOT need to be a healer, coach or counselor to take this training.  We start from ground zero and ANYONE can learn this stuff.

    Why Take this Training?

    Most people take Basic Priestess Training for the following reasons:

    1. For personal development: You want to improve and transform your own life, resolve old emotional issues that are keeping you stuck, and learn to connect more deeply with your inherent capacities of intuition and healing.

    2. For professional development: Maybe you are already a coach or healer or other helping professional and you want to be able to help your clients in a deeper way by addressing the energetic root cause of their issues.  You want to get faster results that last and need some tools to be able to do that.  Or maybe you have always dreamed of becoming a healer or coach and have been looking for a program to train you and provide you with the right tools.  This training will provide that for you.

    Whatever your reasons may be, the skills you will learn in the Basic Priestess Training Level 1 can be used  to:
    • Improve your relationships
    • Increase your income.
    • Improve your health.
    • Overcome anxiety and depression.
    • Make better decisions.
    • Cultivate confidence to take action towards your dreams and goals.
    • Clarify your life direction.
    • Step into your high creativity and  fearlessly create original new offerings and services for your business.
    • Add value to the work you may already be doing as a helping professional.
    • Be able to charge more for your services and get results faster.
    • Become a certified as an intuitive coach and work professionally coaching, counseling, and helping others.

    This Could Be the Reason You Are Feeling Stuck

    It is easy to sit around and talk about concepts.  The concept of energy, the concept of God, healing, or the "Universe".  And even the "concept" of what it means to be a Priestess. 

    The problem with concepts is that they  are limited and limiting. They keep us in the realm of the intellectual mind which constantly wants to analyze, rationalize, and doubt anything that goes against our  pre-conceived notions about "reality". 

     The mind loves argument and debate and often wants to tell us "this or that cannot be because XYZ...(fill in the bank with whatever "facts" or "proof" the mind produces for you). In other words the rational mind is limited. Concepts are limited.

    But the subconscious mind is unlimited.  This subconscious is the domain of experiential learning, mystical experiences, and miracles. Unlike the rational mind, the subconscious mind allows for the possibility of everything.  It is the source of creation.

    Priestesses are trained to consciously access the subconscious mind and work with it's wisdom.  Uncovering blocks to success, sources of illness and imbalance, and  seeing "reality" as it really is. The Priestess knows how to  co-create, heal,  and transform using her connection to the creative energy of the subconscious.

    Who Should Participate in this Training?

    Although anyone can learn how to do this work, this training is NOT for everyone. I am looking for a specific type of woman to join me for this very sacred experience. 

    The Priestess Training is For You If You Are:

    • Are in the helping profession and want to learn how to help their clients at a deeper level, be more effective in their work, and create lasting results.
    • Want to work professionally as an intuitive healer, coach, or helping professional but need a framework and some formal training to get started.
    • Are entrepreneurs who want to learn how to work magically with their business and their lives, push past personal limitations and barriers and create the life of their dreams.
    •  Are in a traditional job role but who want  to overcome their fears and go "outside the box" by creating their own line of work or adding a unique flair to traditional job roles. (I once heard of a self created "Happiness Consultant", a former corporate trainer who re-invented herself and is now highly paid by big corporations to work with their employees--FUN!)
    • Want to improve their own lives, overcome fear, and learn how to play in the creative, magical and spiritual realms while working towards creating the life of their dreams.

    Who Should NOT Participate in this Training?

    This training is probably NOT for you if:

    • You are afraid of or turned off by the "Woo" in "Woo-woo".  Yeah. We are going to go there but I have a talent for making it all seem quite normal.
    • You are not interested in growing of transforming your life.
    • You already have a lot of skills and training in the intuitive arts and  are using them extensively already in your work and life.
    • You are judgmental of anything outside the "norm". In other words you need an open mind to do this work.

    About Your Instructor

    Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A. founder of Feminine Wisdom Academy teaches the Priestess Training Workshops.

    Since the age of six I knew I wanted to be a healer. I had an innate calling to help others and a firm belief in the power of the Divine to heal.  After graduating from university with a degree in Religious Studies, I decided to pursue training as a massage therapist. I needed a way to make a living, wanted to work in the holistic healing world, and it seemed like a good place to start.  But I was never really satisfied doing massage.  I longed to be able to help people in a bigger way, a deeper way.

     In 2008 I formally trained as a spiritual healer and medical intuitive and immediately and began practicing and teaching the work.

     I founded my business Therapy for Your Soul where I began working as a medical intuitive, healer, and intuitive coach, helping my clients with everything from chronic illness and pain to relationship and life issues.  

    During this time I also studied and certified in numerous other forms of healing during this time but owe most of my success to my friend and mentor Teresa Tingle who generously spent her time teaching me, encouraging me and training me above and beyond what could ever be taught in a class.

    In 2010 I was guided intuitively to expand my approach to doing healing, and after healing my chronic back pain of 14 years in a matter of less than two minutes I developed  a technique I came to call Trauma Point Clearing.

    In 2011 I was led to my work with the Divine Feminine energies and eventually into the field of women's sexuality and feminine spirituality. I founded The Feminine Wisdom Academy where I now teach courses and offer counseling and coaching on women's sexuality and feminine spirituality and leadership.

    Way of The Priestess Training  draws wisdom from a number of healing traditions as well as some additional tools I have discovered along the way.  Unlike other training programs that require strict adherence to protocols and formulas, this training is designed to give you a fundamental structure or baseline from which to work with the goal of allowing you to follow your own guidance and discover your own unique ways of working over time.

    Now accepting applications for 2018!

    How it Works


    What's Included:

    • 8 Private one hour coaching sessions with Morgan (occurring every other week over a period of four months).
    • 12 months access to the  online learning platform, video and audio modules.
    • 12 months access to the  monthly live group coaching support calls.
    • Lifetime access to our private Facebook community.

    The Online Learning Modules

    Module 1: Foundations to Priestess Work

    In this module you will learn the basic structures that hold all Priestess work and practices in place.  You will understand what a Priestess is and how you are already accessing this archetype in your life.   Learn how Priestesses change their perception to change reality and be introduced to the two access meditations used in this work.

    Module 2: Basic Priestess Skills

    Now that you have a basic understanding of the underlying structure of Priestess work you are ready to begin implementing some new skills! In Module 2 You will learn the fundamental technology of all healing work using secret mode of prayer.  Learn how to do basic intuitive readings and other fundamental psychic work required to heal and help yourself and others.

    Module 3: The Art of The Reading

    Up until this point you have learned all the pieces of what you will need to do an intuitive healing.  You have learned the structure and the technologies and been introduced to the myriad building blocks .  Module 3 will show you how to weave it all together and show you how to put it into an actionable "whole". It is here in Module 3 where you will begin to master the fundamental skill of the Priestess arts: the intuitive reading.

    Module 4: Priestess Magic

    In Module 4 you will learn how to create and use rituals and altars for healing, manifestation, and virtually any purpose for both yourself and others.  Using the 6 elements of ritual you will learn how to incorporate rituals for moving on from past hurt, creating a new desired future, or manifesting dreams and goals.  Learn how to build an altar using the 3 elements of an altar and know how to set up your Priestess Temple (your healing space) for maximum success.

    Module 5: Energetic Programming

    Module 5 will teach you the basics of energetic re-programming. Learn how to clear a room, an object, a piece of land or a home.  Practice programming the human light body to help clear trauma, dissolve negative emotional patterns, and remove negative energetic and spiritual influences that contribute to illness, anxiety, fear, depression,  etc.

    Module 6: Understanding Energy as Medicine

    In Module 6 you will learn the scientific basis for how and why energy as medicine actually functions at the level of the cells and the DNA.  Cutting edge research in epigenetics and proof of the physical manifestation of emotions will help you understand how beliefs, emotions and electromagnetic energy all affect the health of the physical body and why energy is natures best medicine in the treatment of the root cause of dis-ease and imbalance.

    Module 7: Advanced Intuitive Healing Skills

    Module 7 takes you deeper into the skills you have learned in the previous modules.  In module 7 you will gain more confidence in working intuitively with the physical body, the DNA, and the importance of cultivating your sacred Priestess presence which is the basis for all intuitive work and "healing".

    Module 8: Living the Priestess Archetype

    Every Priestess needs to understand the fundamental ethics and best practices of working as a modern day Priestess. This module will teach you some of the basics of ethics and confidentiality, and the limitations of your role as a "spiritual healer".  You will also learn about how to effectively market your services , how to talk about what you without sounding crazy and learn how to incorporate your Priestess skills into another skill set such as a coaching, counseling, or massage therapy practice.

    The Monthly Coaching Calls

    Days and times for the twice monthly group coaching calls will be provided upon enrollment.  All calls are recorded and available for download through the online learning platform.

    Course Cost

    Option 1: Single payment of $1,997

    Option 2: Two payments of $1,100

    Money Back Guarantee

    I offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you do not find the program acceptable please let me know within 14 days of your enrollment date to request a full refund.  You will be removed from the program and fees will be returned with in 30 days.  No refunds will be given after 14 days of your enrollment date.

    Apply for Priestess Training Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Certification
    Applications for 2018 are now Open!

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    How to Participate:
    1.  To participate in the training please fill out an application here. (No payment is due to apply. Deposits will be due once you are accepted into the program). 
    2. Once I receive your application I will contact you for a brief interview and confirm your enrollment.   
    3. Once confirmed and accepted, payment is due to complete enrollment.  
    4. Access to the online learning platform will be provided via email at the time of enrollment.

    If you have questions about the program or would like to speak with me before applying please Email me here.

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    What Happens After I Complete an Application

    Once we review your application we will contact you to set up a complimentary Strategy Call. Please respond to this initial email within 48 hours by scheduling your call time. Otherwise you risk having your application cancelled.

    What Happens During The Strategy Call?

    During the call we will help you clarify your goals and intentions for the program, identify how you will best be able to utilize the skills you learn in the course after completion in the program, and map out your unique learning style to ensure you get your needs met in the program. 

    The strategy call is also a chance for us to ensure you are a good fit for this program as not everyone who applies will be accepted, as well as have any of your remaining questions answered.

    Application Tips

    Filling out an application does not guarantee enrollment.  Please only fill out an application if you are serious about committing to your personal development and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to develop your skills in spiritual healing and intuitive coaching.

    Incomplete applications and/or applications with questions left unaslwered  will be discarded.

    Click here to fill out an application now


    How long does it take to get through the training?

    The training is four months long.

    How many hours per week should I dedicate to the training?

    The course is self paced yet highly dependent on your practice and implementation of the skills taught in the modules.  Each module is between 30-90 minutes in length not including the time required to practice the new skills. Ideally you should plan to spend about 3-5 hours per week on the material including your outside practice time.

    With whom do I practice?

    Practice is critical to success with this program.  It is recommended that you find a practice partner in our private Facebook community as well as enlist your local in person friends to be your "guinea pigs" as you practice and learn your new Priestess skills. 

    It is often easier to practice on people whom you do not know well--in other words close friends and family are more challenging than complete strangers or acquaintances.  Use your personal network to see who would like to receive free services in exchange for allowing you to practice on them!

    What if I have questions during the training?

    Any questions can be answered during your private sessions with Morgan or posted to our Facebook page.

    We have a private Facebook community where you can post questions and have them answered by the instructor as well as other graduates and participants in the course. 

    There is also a live monthly group coaching call  which are dedicated exclusively to answering your specific questions. Some individualized laser coaching may also be offered at times during these calls.

    Got questions? Email Us.

    Ready to get started?  Fill out an Application here.

    It was important for me to choose a location for this retreat that would be conducive to our work as we develop and open our capacities for intuition and healing. The retreat center is located near water and in a setting that has lovely energy and beautiful surroundings.

    We will be using the natural surroundings as well as the natural flows of feminine water energy (water is associated with the subconscious) to help us become grounded centered and ultimately more expanded in our awareness as you learn the fundamental tools of the "Priestess" trade.

    Wimberly, TX is a site of sacred energy and good vibes!
    It was important for me to choose a location for this retreat that would be conducive to our work as we develop and open our capacities for intuition and healing.  I chose Wimberley, TX (a town about 45 minutes Southwest of Austin, TX) for the powerful flow of spiritual energy that runs through the area. 

    The area is home to an energy vortex and numerous ley lines which are responsible for the  peaceful and harmonious feeling that is almost palpable when you enter the area.(check out this blog on this topic--one more reason to love central Texas!) The Blanco River and some pretty trippy yet beautiful geologically formed swimming holes such as Blue hole and Jacobs Well (see photo above) lure tourists form both near and far.
     With all the rivers and aquifers that flow through and around Wimberley, there is also a lot of feminine energy that facilitates deep inner work and creativity.  Wimberley is known for its many artists and spiritually minded people who live there.
     We will be using the natural surroundings as well as the natural flows of feminine water energy (water is associated with the subconscious) to help us become grounded centered and ultimately more expanded in our awareness as you learn the fundamental tools of the "Priestess" trade.