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The Sensual Awakened Woman
Your Personal One Day Private V.I.P Retreat

Get Away. Go Deep. Find a New You.

Are you are a busy woman who longs to take some renewal time for yourself but often finds it difficult to pull yourself away from the many demands of your life?

Welcome to the Sensual Awakened Woman VIP Day Retreat: A two night one day personal retreat for busy women.

When you begin to feel like something is missing, or "off" in your life, career or relationship, or you just don't feel like yourself anymore, this is an internal message to take time away, to rejuvenate, and renew--to nurture your feminine side. 

You may first experience this as a generalized lack of energy or even boredom. You may find yourself feeling stuck in a situation, relationship, or job that is no longer fulfilling. You may want out but you feel stuck. You know you need an energetic jump start but you don't know exactly how to get one. 

Your motivation wanes and you begin to feel shut down and closed off from life. Things that used to give you pleasure and joy don't anymore and you feel disconnected from your sense of authentic power. You feel disconnected from your femininity, from your sensuality and your sexuality. What does it mean to be a woman anyway?

The Sensual Awakened Woman VIP Day is an intensive one day experience focused on helping you to get back to yourself in a powerful and life changing way.  Learn to awaken your connection to your feminine power so that you can have more energy, feel more connected and alive and become more successful in your life, relationships and career, through a transformative education in women's sexuality, feminine sensuality, and the practice of enlightened intimacy.

The Sensual Awakened Woman VIP Day is Ideal for the Woman Who:

  • Is smart and capable in many areas of her life, but who often feels disconnected from her femininity and her true power. 
  • Is in a relationship but it feels somehow shallow or stale.  Maybe things are "okay" or even "pretty good" relationally but there is a lack of feelings of deep sexual and/or spiritual fulfillment.  She is afraid to acknowledge that voice in the back of her head that keeps nudging that something is missing, "I want more....." But what is that more? And how do I get it?
  • Is single and keeps attracting (or is afraid of attracting) the same type of partner again and again but does not know how to break this pattern.
  • Sometimes feels ashamed or afraid to ask for more or for something different from her intimate partner.  She doesn't even know exactly what to ask for to shift things. She feels stuck and doesn't know what to do to change this.
  • Blames herself or her partner for the lack of depth and intimacy and frequent disappointment she often experiences in relationship.  Frustration is a common feelings of disappointment.  Thoughts of leaving the relationship and/or staying single and avoiding relationship altogether are also common.
  • Thinks she should be able to figure this out on her own and when she can't, doesn't know where to go for help, support, and guidance. It seems easier to avoid the issue altogether and just settle for the way things "are".
  • Feels powerless to create change in her current relationship or future relationships.  Habits always seem to take over.
  • Has wanted to go to couples counseling but can't get her partner to go with her. Or has already tried couples counseling but without success.
  • Is ready to make a commitment to practicing a new approach  to life, love and intimacy and to experiencing the benefits of making intimacy into a holistic spiritual practice.
  • Is ready to make a financial commitment to herself and is open to receiving guidance, teachings, and support to help her make this big leap.
  • Prefers in person one on one teaching as opposed to learning via tele-cast or in group settings.
  • Is a quick learner and enjoys learning in an intensive experiential format.
  • Is ready to make a major leap in her life and is willing and excited to learn how to engage her feminine sensuality and sexuality as the starting point for that change.

About The Experience

I invite you to leave your busy life behind and retreat into a beautiful natural setting that will soothe your senses and free your anxious mind.  As you slow down and connect with the beauty and energy of nature,  I will help you re-connect deeply with the beauty and energy of your inner nature-- your radiant feminine essence. 

Through an intensive one day educational and experiential training in specific Feminine Wisdom practices and principles centered around sensuality, sexuality, spirituality and relationship you will  rejuvenate your spirits and learn to experience your feminine sensuality and sexuality in a new and empowered way.  Reclaim your energy, re-kindle your passion and zest for life, and experience yourself as the powerful amazing woman you were meant to be.

You will return to your life equipped with a skill set that will help you to create, cultivate, and sustain lasting satisfaction, happiness, peace, and spiritual fulfillment in many areas of your life as you begin live an entirely new approach to sexuality, intimacy and relationships.

Whether you have been married for a long time or are single and want to ensure that you make your next relationship more successful, satisfying, and meaningful, you must pass intimately through this sacred place within yourself first before you can enhance intimacy in any outside relationship.  This personal retreat will help you to do that and it will teach you how to do it consistently on your own, again and again over time.

What is Feminine Sensuality?

Different from but related to our sexuality, feminine sensuality is the very essence of what it feels like to be feminine. Feminine sensuality is the fully expressed feminine woman.  She is free, radiant, flowing, beautiful, and sensual.

When you are in contact with and expressing your feminine sensuality you feel revitalized, energized, full, radiant, validated, and beautiful.  You become full of an authentic spiritual desire for meaningful intimacy, genuine connection, and the intentional cultivation of mutually enhancing relationships-- without hidden agenda or needy manipulation.

Very often in our modern culture we become disconnected from our feminine sensuality due to the  many demands and stresses of our modern lives.  You may have been pushed to fulfill roles which inhibit the natural expression of your feminine nature.  Women and girls are taught and led to believe that in order to be successful and powerful in the world and in the workplace,  they must hide their feminine qualities--they must shut off their emotions, discount their intuition, and shut down their sexuality for fear of unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

As a result, many women only allow themselves to express their more masculine attributes--their ability to think linearly and rationally, to think through a problem instead of feel through it, and to develop their intellectual capacities to solve problems and forge relationships.  In essence many women become out of balance and out of touch with their more natural feminine expressions leading to feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Additionally the daily demands of running a household and raising children can take its toll on your feminine essence too: leaving you feeling  drained and dry at the end of your day, with little to no interest or energy left for expressing your creativity much less engaging in intimacy or sex.

When you learn to revive your feminine sensuality--through educating yourself and engaging in a conscious regular practice of actively cultivating your inherent feminine qualities--- you enter into a more graceful flow of life. One that is filled with energy, vitality, grace, ease and authentic power.  You become grounded in who you are as a woman and learn to live from your truest self-- fully expressing and utilizing your feminine gifts in all that you do.

Why the Focus on Sexuality?

Relationships are central to a woman's experience of herself, her identity, and her independence.  Joan Borysenko, author of A Woman's Book of Life states:

"Affiliation and relatedness become the ground out of which a healthy sense of self grows-not in distinction to others, but as part of a worldview in which relationship is the crucible in which autonomy, creativity, compassion and wisdom are forged".

Therefore how you are feeling about your intimate relationship (or lack therof) affects every area of your life. Because most women are so tuned in to the flows of emotions and the thoughts and feelings of others they are close to, the emotional tone of your intimate relationship (or how you are feeling about not being in an intimate relationship) colors how you feel about yourself,  how confident your feel in the world and in your career, and how happy or unhappy you are in your life in general.

When things are out of balance in a woman's intimate relationship, many women feel a deep dissatisfaction and a yearning for a nameless "more" that can often feel like a frustrated demand. Sadly many women do not understand how to use this energy in a productive way and it may show up as resentment, anger or even criticism towards their partner.   But there is a path that can help you to effectively get what you want in your relationship without feeling like you have to constantly sacrifice yourself to get it.

I begin with sexuality because this is one of the defining factors that separates a friendship from an intimate relationship.  Sexuality and our sexual energy are often the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. When you learn to master your own sexual energy as a force of healing, creativity, and spiritual growth you learn to become stronger and empowered to invite greater depth and meaning in your relationship.  You will also notice the positive impact this has on many other areas of your life as well.

Additionally, the sexual energy is the source of our creative essence, our vitality, and the source of all of creation itself. Because there is so much shame, trauma and misunderstanding about sex in our culture, and since there is a lack of basic education about the spiritual and energetic aspects of sexuality and relationship, this powerful energy is often either wasted, shut down, or misused.  

 As a result, many women are left feeling empty and unfulfilled by the sexual occasion and generally disappointed in their intimate relationships. Lacking a basic understanding and education about sex and intimacy and uncertain as to how to turn things around, we end up energetically, emotionally, and sexually shutting down.  We "settle for less" and may often find ourselves feeling almost "asexual"- uninterested in sex, avoiding intimacy, and even feeling like sex is an obligation-something for men to enjoy and women to merely "tolerate".

When you learn to have a healthy relationship with your sexuality and femininity, you become empowered to enhance and elevate all areas of your life,  both in and out of the bedroom; whether you are in a relationship or not; whether you are married, partnered or single.

Why Choose an Intensive Personal Retreat?

The Sensual Awakened Woman VIP Day is a power packed intensive personal private retreat that allows you to relax and go deep in the confidential and safe setting of a one on one learning environment.  Taught live and in person you learn at an accelerated rate, schedule your retreat on your terms, and integrate on your own time.


You're busy so why have to mold your life around those "group" retreat dates that somebody else picked? Instead book your VIP day according to your own schedule. Choose any day and month that works for you.  Use our preferred location or choose one of your own*. Leave the "group retreats" behind: escape on your own and on your own time. 

Save Time

You are smart, capable and you learn quickly. Besides you don't have the time to drive across town every week for multiple weeks to attend that weekly group class or make time for those weekly tele-calls which never seem to happen at a time that is convenient for you. So why spend weeks learning what you can learn in a one day intensive instead?

Personal Attention

Tired of the group tele-call model? Get face to face one on one personal attention.  The retreat is taught live in person just for you.  No more having to make time in your busy week to sit at a computer and be on the phone or scheduling time to listen to al the calls you missed because you could not attend them live.  Learn face to face, heal face to face, absorb the powerful energy of one on one interaction.

Practical, Holistic, and Experiential

The teachings in the Sensual Awakened Woman VIP day are both practical, holistic, and highly experiential.  Involving the spiritual, energetic and physical aspects of sex and relationship you will learn a holistic approach to understanding, experiencing and cultivating an approach to life, love, and relationship that gives you the power to create, sustain, and maintain a spiritually and physically fulfilling intimacy over time.


Done with hearing concepts about sex, relationships and intimacy? Tired of trying to learn through books? Or worse yet through magazines and media?  This retreat is experiential meaning that you will learn via actually experiencing the concepts I teach you.  And don't worry, you will not be asked to take off your clothes or touch yourself sexually during our time together, though there may some exercises we will discuss that you will learn to do on your own and in private as a part of your regular practice.   

Results Oriented

  • Leave your VIP day feeling re-energized and renewed, ready to take on life.  Feel powerful, beautiful, feminine and ALIVE!
  • Jump start your creativity, feel confident again in your current relationship or feel confident in your ability to attract your ideal future relationship. 
  • Leave your retreat knowing you have the skills to create a truly spiritual partnership where you will know exactly what to do to turn sex and intimacy into a true spiritual practice, a path of personal healing, intimacy, and knowing God. 
  • Leave knowing how your body really works and learn the pathways to generating and experiencing more pleasure, deeper and longer lasting orgasms while cultivating more genuine love.
  • Be happier in your life, career, and relationship. When we are happier and less stressed, everything else in life flows better!
  • Generate more income, wealth and prosperity!  Women who have an empowered relationship with their sexual energy are magnetic, confident , and radiate an inner beauty that others naturally want to be around. 
Repeatable Results

You will leave the retreat with a step by step process for accessing your feminine energy and will have a roadmap to create repeatable results.  It will take dedication and practice on your part.  But with consistent practice, patience and a true willingness to re-claim your feminine power it can absolutely be done.  The difference is that now you will know exactly what to do and how to do it. This is true empowerment!

Sex is Not the Same as Sexuality

When we feel stuck, bored with life, depleted or depressed, feeling like we have lost ourselves, like we need a "jumpstart", are afraid of repeating past relationship patterns, etc, is often because we are shut down in our creative source energy--the sexual energy.

Having physical "sex" with another person and learning the skills of activating your own feminine sensuality and sexual energy for more energy, fulfillment, personal empowerment and enhanced intimacy are two different things.  It is not necessary to have a partner to activate your own sexual energy. 

Be in Control: Transformative and Lasting Change

Going far beyond mere "techniques" or cheesy relationship "advice" the content in the Sensual Awakened Woman VIP Day intensive personal retreat teaches you an entirely new way of BEING in your life.  You learn  how to show up differently in your relationships so that you get different results without sacrificing yourself in the process.

We go beyond the all too common narrow focus on  "orgasm" that many sexual educators seem to be obsessed with and instead learn how to approach sex and feminine sensuality as a holistic spiritual practice that can bring deep intimacy and personal fulfillment both in and out of the bedroom and whether or not you are currently in an intimate relationship.

You will learn to use your relationships as containers for profound spiritual growth and deep emotional healing.  Unlike some sex educators who only focus on the sex and the event of "sex", the Sensual Awakened Woman intensive  recognizes the healing power of love and relationship as a necessary ingredient to spiritual growth and sexual fulfillment. We  need education and skills in both sex AND relationship for our intimacy to be truly fulfilling. Therefore a foundational education and skill set in both areas is necessary.

What to Expect During Your VIP Day Retreat:

Please note: There is NO sexual contact of ANY kind during this retreat.  We will talk about and address sexuality, intimacy and relationships as these topics relate to all areas of your life and career, but you will never be asked to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable--i.e. your clothes remain on at ALL times, and there is no touching or physical contact between us!

What You Get:

  • Amazing transformative content, one on one coaching, expert guidance and experiential learning in a safe and supportive environment in a natural, secluded, private setting.
  • Audio CD's of the yogas, meditations and daily practices you will learn during the intensive.
  • The Sensual Awakened Woman workbook covering all of the content of the course with room for personal notes, insights etc..
  • A beautiful journal for taking notes and recording your experiences.
  • A light lunch and snacks on your VIP Day.
  • Two night stay in a beautiful Texas hill country vacation rental OR location of your choosing (additional fees apply)

Retreat Location: The retreat is held in a private cabin located outside of Austin, TX in the hill country. Cost for two nights of accommodations is included in your VIP day fee. Additional nights may be added for an additional fee.  Check in is 6pm and check out is 11am.  

Or Choose your Own Location: Alternatively you may choose your own location anywhere in the U.S. and I will meet you there. This option involves extra charges.

Retreat Dates: Choose your own! Since this is a personal retreat you get to pick dates that work for you and your schedule.  Availability depends on accommodation availability so be sure to schedule your personal retreat as far in advance as possible.

Retreat Cost: $2,700. 50% non-refundable deposit due at time of enrollment. Rates are increasing in 2017 so this will be the last chance to get my 2016 rates. (2016 rates apply to any retreat completed by January 31st 2017).

Retreat Enrollment: I only accept a limited number of VIP Day Retreat participants each year. You must fill out an application prior to being accepted into the VIP Day Experience.  Applications open once per year in November.

What Happens After You Apply: After you fill out an application I will contact you to set up your complimentary Desire Mapping session where I will help you to get really clear on where you are stuck and really clear on where you want to be. This will also help us to determine if we are a good fit to work together.  If it appears that we are a good fit and you wish to move forward then I will provide you with instructions on how to complete your enrollment for your VIP Day experience.