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"The Bridge"
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Discussions on Science and Spirituality
Consciousness Health and Healing

Upcoming Episodes of "The Bridge

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About the Show

"The Bridge" is intended to be a platform for insightful discussions on the relationship between new science and the realm of spirituality as it relates to holistic healing and holistic medicine.

This first series will focuses on the work of contemporary research scientists and authors whose findings offer support and validity for the field of holistic health and healing.

Tune in and learn about their work and what it means for you and your health and for the world of health and healing in general. How to tune in to the show:

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Past Episodes of "The Bridge"

Radical Forgiveness:Overview, discussion, and applications of Colin Tipping's perspective on a radical new paradigm of forgiveness.

Decoding "The God Code":Commentary and Insights on the work of Gregg Braden

Join me as we discuss the groundbreaking work of Gregg Braden presented in his book "The God Code". This exciting work reveals the coded message that has been found within our DNA.

By linking the ancient spiritual arts of alchemy with the esoteric meanings encoded in the ancient book of creation,the Sepher Yetzirah, and decoding these through the Hebrew alphabet and its relation to modern chemistry, new evidence has been revealed that cannot deny our inherent unity. This discussion will unveil that the the mystery of life lies hidden "in plain sight" within creation itself.

Discussion will include the significance of this finding to the spiritual healing arts and I will introduce the concept of "Healing from inside the name of God". Go deep within for the mystery lies in plain sight, it is all around you and within you.

Join me for this episode and allow your mind to be blown! Molecules of Emotion and the work of Dr. Candace Pert.

If you have heard that your emotions affect your health but don't really understand exactly how this happens, then this episode will give you the understanding you seek.

Candace Pert's findings in the field of polypeptide research has been groundbreaking not only for the world of modern medicine but even more so for the field of alternative medicine and holistic healing.

In this episode I will present some of the main ideas presented in her book "Molecules of Emotion" and discuss in depth the relevance and implications of the role our emotions play in affecting our physical health.

Listeners will walk away with a new understanding of the physiological basis of how our emotions affect our physical health and the value that holistic healing therapies offer in treating and preventing illness.
"The Biology of Belief: In depth discussion on the work of cell biologist Bruce Lipton

We are told that our thoughts affect our reality, but is this really so? In this episode we will discuss the groundbreaking work and discoveries of of cell biologist Bruce Lipton presented in his book "The Biology of Belief".

You will learn about the science behind the statement "your thoughts create your reality" and the powerful effect our beliefs have on our health. Discussions on the role of alternative energy healing in changing beliefs and facilitating healing will also be discussed.