One Day Retreat

"Make the Leap Retreat"
Sunday January 11th, 2015
Location: Austin, TX
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Ready to Make Some Big Changes in 2015?

These days everyone wants change,  transformation, and to live an amazing life.  It has become almost a bit cliche in fact. And yet there is a stark discrepancy between what  we say we want and what we are actually choosing.  We declare we want LIFE yet we are consistently choosing DEATH.

 We choose death every time we agree to compromise our souls longing.  Every time you settle for less than what you are worth, less than what your heart truly desires, a little piece of you dies.  Over time you create patterns that seem impossible to escape from.

Over time you begin to put conditions on life--you declare that you will only honor your souls longing once there is enough money in your bank account, once your bonus comes through, once your business is making enough money, once you feel happier, find that perfect relationship, etc.  As soon as external circumstances suit your fancy, then and only then will you finally honor yourself.

And so you continue the compromise and compromise is the ultimate slow death.

 Do any of these sound familiar?:

  • Staying in a job you hate because the money is good?
  • Continuing to do a type of work that is unfulfilling because you do not know what else to do?
  • Staying in an unhealthy relationship because you are afraid of not being able to find something better?
  • Waiting to feel more confident or less afraid before staring your own business or doing something you are passionate about like taking a trip or learning a new skill?
  • Accepting clients who you do not really enjoy working with because you "need" the money?
  • Not charging what you are worth, or settling for pay that does not appropriately match your experience and skill level?

Many times we choose the compromise because we fear and do not trust that life will support us.  I bet you have had experiences in your past which seem to validate this--every time you took the leap you fell, and now you are afraid to try again. I know I can relate to this, it has happened to me.  Yet I have not allowed this to stop me from trying again and again.  Eventually we do learn to fly.

But how do we do this? How do we overcome the fear we feel inside? How do we heal the trauma of past experiences of not feeling supported by life? How do we stop compromising our ideals when it appears this is the only way to put food on the table?

Ready to stop the compromise?
Let 2015 be the year you make the leap!

In this one day retreat for women you will:

  • Discover what is holding you back from making major shift in your life
  • Learn how to rapidly move beyond your perceived limitations so that you can feel more free, alive, and move more quickly in the direction of your dreams
  • Have more energy and access the source of your creativity, learn to live from your creative essence when you
  • Stop wasting time trying to "heal" your past, and instead move into the new energy of your future outcome instantly.
  • put the "yea, but's...." to rest for good: That translates as "Yeah I really want to do_____________________, but...(fill in your most favorite excuse for not making the leap and living your destiny)
  • Create your own Leap Path Plan to help you plan and implement major shifts for 2015.

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There are limited spaces available for this event so please register early.  And if you do not live in the Austin area but are interested in attending via webcast, please contact me to inquire about making arrangements.