Using The Cosmic Universal
Law Of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is just one of many universal laws. The laws of the universe consist of many multitudes of energies that govern the operations of the universe. These cosmic laws exist on what is referred to as the "Sixth Elevation" from the  paradigm of the 7 Elevations of Consciousness, a map of  creation. The Sixth Elevation is the arena of sacred sound, sacred geometry, and the abode of the universal laws.

There are literally hundreds of cosmic laws that exist on the sixth elevation in addition to the Law of Attraction which exists under the Law of Magnetism. Some of the others include the Law of Electricity, the Law of Truth (one of my personal favorites!), The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Time (where the Akashic records are held), the Law of Justice, the Law of Dimensions, and the Law of Compassion to name just a few.

Using The Law of Attraction
The cosmic laws act as a means by which the entire universe is kept in motion and order. These laws are always affecting us and we are constantly interacting with them whether we realize it or not.

While Some of the laws can be bent, like the law of time, others cannot. However we can learn to work with the laws and learn to better understand how to interact with them in a way that is of benefit to us and our lives.

The same goes for using the Law of Attraction. This cosmic law is always working and playing out in our lives whether we want it to or not. But really understanding how to use this law to better direct the outcome of what we attract and working to change the way we are interacting with it is a different matter.

Understand the Root of The Behavior First
Whenever you set out to change something in your life you must first understand the means and manner by which you are currently relating to and perceiving that which you wish to change. This is the fundamental basis of many psychotherapeutic techniques including but not limited to cognitive therapy.

In cognitive therapy the patient first is taught how they are perceiving their world through the lens of their current emotions, beliefs and behaviors. It is not until the patient has cognitive understanding for the root motivation for their current behaviors that it then becomes possible to make behavioral changes.

Working with the Law of Attraction also requires that you first understand how this law is affecting you in our current situation based on your current beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. Only after a close examination of this will you able to make the conscious choices necessary to begin working with this law in a a way that can and will change your life and help you to manifest your dreams. This is really the secret to using this law and understanding this principle will help you to begin to effectively apply these tools to change your experience of life.

Great Change Begins with Great Dedication and Faith
Please understand that changing your perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors requires dedication and faith. It can be easy but it may also require hard work. At times you may find it very difficult to willingly give up old patterns that have served you so well in the past.

Often this can be the hardest part of healing: the letting go of the negative thoughts and behaviors that you have used in some strange way to make you feel safe, more important, or to keep you in a helpless victim state which can be used to serve one in myriad ways.

There are many alternative healing practices that are extremely effective at helping you to rapidly change limiting beliefs, clear old emotions, heal trauma, shift your perception, get out of victim mode, and begin to work effectively with the cosmic Law of Attraction to not only manifest abundance, but to also effectively and quickly change the very fabric of your life experience for the better.

Law of Attraction Tips
Whenever you set out to create real transformation in your life there are always things that must change and shift. There are always things--people, places, situations, beliefs, belongings, emotions, ways of being--that must be shed if you are to truly access the level of change you want.

This is often the difficult thing for people to understand when they set out to work with the Law of Attraction. We think that if we want good things then we are going to get all good things from the get go. What many people fail to see is that in order to get to the good you have to clear away the crap.

Clearing away the crap can get messy and isn't always fun. If you are going to have the benefit of harvesting eggs from the chickens, well you are going to have to deal with the chicken shit along the way. That's just the way it is!

This is one of the most important Law of Attraction Tips--if you want to start to attract better things--experiences, people, objects, feelings, thoughts-into your life, then you are going to have to let go of all the shit, the things that are getting in the way of your being able to do this. This may involve a period where things don't seem to be so rosy.

Many people give up at this point, failing to see the big picture, the light at the end of the tunnel. And so often we are not given the full picture, we have no idea what the universe is conspiring to do on our behalf once we clear all that is getting in our way.

So it may stand to reason that the best tip is to first clear your issues of doubt, fear, and disbelief. In fact these are the three biggest blocks to experiencing miracles on a daily basis and in truth it is a matter of perception. Learn to let go of doubt, fear and disbelief, and you will begin to experience miracles in the smallest things. Miracles will be all around you as they have always been before, only that you will now be able to understand how to see and experience them.

You are the only thing getting in the way of this truth and it is no different when working with the Law of Attraction. Get out of your own way, work hard, let go, and trust that the Universe is unfolding as it should and for your highest good always. 

Law of Attraction Secrets
The biggest secret to working with this cosmic law is that there is no secret! With this law, it is always evident as to what you are attracting. You only need to look at your life just as it is to see how this law is working in your life. What kind of job do you have? Who are your friends? What kind of living environment are you in? What is your outlook on life? What are your spiritual or religious beliefs? How much debt do you have? How much money do you make? How much money do you have in the bank?

All of these things are directly related to your beliefs about yourself and your world. All of these beliefs are what direct and give off energetic signals to the cosmic universal laws to bring into your life that which you are broadcasting out to the Universe. Yes, it is really true, this is the only secret to the Law of Attraction--the fact that YOU are a fundamental integrative part of its effects in your life!

The sooner that you understand and realize this the easier it will be for you to take responsibility and start to make the necessary changes so that you can stop creating what you don't want, and start creating what you do want.

As long as you continue to deny the fact that you play an integral role in magnetizing the effects of the cosmic universal laws in your life, you will only continue to give all your power away to blame situations and people outside of your control. You will fail to access the greatest gift of all--the gift of choice, free will, and the opportunity to co-create your experience of life with the All That Is. 

Law of Attraction and Money
The secret to co-creating your life with the All That Is and working in harmony with the universal laws begins by a close observation of your own emotions, thoughts and beliefs. This can be done in a number of ways by yourself or with an experienced emotional intuitive or other alternative health practitioner, or therapist.

When specifically working with the Law of Attraction as a means to manifest more money in your life, you must fist begin by a close observation of all of your current beliefs, behaviors and emotions about money and relationships and your life in general. You must dig much deeper than the money. 

Law of Attraction Exercises
There are many exercises that can be used to work effectively with this law. Though many law of attraction exercises can be done on your own, some may be of more benefit to you when facilitated by an experienced alternative health practitioner, such as a spiritual healer, intuitive coach, therapist or counselor.