Who I Help

Sex therapy, counseling and alternative healing at Feminine Wisdom Academy is for women and couples who are struggling with common life issues related to their relationships, love lives, sexual fulfillment, and work/career issues. 

I help women who want to feel happier and more confident, and who are willing to take responsibility for making the changes required to let go of limiting beliefs, release negative emotional patterns, and develop new healthy behavior patterns but who need some help doing so.

My approach honors and respects diverse spiritual or religious belief systems and is respectful of diverse cultural, ethnic, and sexual/relational orientations. 

I use a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing that blends traditional counseling with energy, spirituality, and physicality in a unified and meaningful way to bring about new insights, clear limiting beliefs and release old emotional trauma.

I work primarily with women facing these common issues:

1. Relationship Healing:

  • Women in a relationship who are struggling to be heard, seen, feel sexually satisfied, etc.
  • Single women who have struggled to find that right relationship.
  • Women who want to learn how to use relationship a s platform for healing and spiritual growth.
  • Single and married or partnered women who want to learn how to create a conscious loving relationship.
  • Women seeking help to deepen their experience of intimacy and gain greater sexual fulfillment.

2. Emotional Issues:

  • Women struggling with life purpose or finding meaning.
  • Need who help gaining confidence in using their talents and gifts to make a living, make difference and make money doing it!
  • Facing issues around juggling a career and raising children.
  • Facing a generalized and unnamed sense of stuckness or directionless.
  • Not feeling feminine or sexy anymore.
  • Anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues.

3. Physical Issues:

  • Women facing PMS and/or severe and painful menstruation
  • Imbalances or dysfunction in the sexual organs.
  • Painful intercourse
  • Loss of libido or interest in sex.
  • Lack of orgasm
  • Lack of intimacy.
  • Menopausal concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Please note: I do not diagnose, heal or cure any disease or illness.  I work with the emotional, mental and energetic aspects of imbalances and help you to support  your body in its natural ability to function properly of which the result may be an absence of symptoms. I do not claim to heal or cure any physical condition, illness or disease.

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