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Introduction to Feminine Wisdom: Activating the Sacred Feminine
A 5 Week Course
Cultivate More Freedom, Joy, Love and Effortlessness in Your Life.

This Course is Currently Closed. 

Accept That it Is Time for Something Different

Face it.  You feel stuck.  Stagnant.  You want to get out of that boring "neutral" place and start gaining some real traction in your internal and external life again.

You feel disconnected from yourself, from other women, from your spouse, from the world. You once had great creativity and depth that flowed through you, now you feel dried up, lost. 

You have given so much of yourself away to your marriage, your children, your work, and now you are wondering, "What's left for me? When do I get to take care of me?" 

How do you find your mojo again? How can you feel sexy, beautiful and alive again? How can you revive lost joy and  love in your relationship?  How  can you cure this ceaseless cycle of isolation, over giving, and constantly taking on other people's "stuff"?

You crave a healing.  A deep nourishing, cleansing, spiritual, healing. 

The Problem of the Predicament

As women we tend to fall victim to the tendency to give to the point of our own exhaustion.  We often sacrifice our own deep desires in an effort to "mother" our relationships with our children, spouses, and jobs.

We get pegged into unconsciously taking on masculine roles and ways of being in the world so that we can be "socially acceptable"and fit in in the workplace.  We hide our natural feminine side of emotion and intuition in an effort not to upset or "inconvenience" others.

The problem is that this often tends to leave us fatigued, depressed, and feeling bored with life general.  We know there must be more. We know we have a powerful gift to give to the world. But we either are unclear what the gift is, or lack the confidence to take action in giving it powerfully.

The Solution to the Suffering

The Introduction to Feminine Wisdom course is a spiritually oriented course designed to give women the foundational tools and practices of the feminine spiritual path.  The practices begin with helping women learn to reconnect to their own creative and intuitive self.  Women learn to get energetically and emotionally "unstuck" which results them to regain their energy, creativity, confidence and sense of purpose in their lives. 

Women learn to actively use all of their relationships as vehicles for deep spiritual growth and gain an experiential understanding of the interplay between masculine and feminine energies in their life and how to harness each one consciously to create their most desired outcome.

The tools taught allow women to see through the patterns of thought feeling and behavior that have kept them stuck and to rapidly transcend into an entirely new elevation of being. One that is more free, alive, confident, joyful sexy, and playful!

The Introduction to Feminine Wisdom course addresses these common questions I often see women struggle with

  • How can I create more harmony and peace in my relationship?  How can I end the suffering and begin to experience more love again?
  • How can I still have a deeply spiritual relationship if my partner is not "on board"?
  • How can I feel more sexy and fulfilled even if I am single?
  • I feel stuck and stagnant in my life: What can I do help get myself unstuck? To get my creativity and zest for life flowing again?
  • I keep experiencing the same patterns in my life again and again.  How can I really see through them, and break them once and for all?
  • How can I consistently access my creativity, find and live from my true purpose and  feel more confident about using my talents and gifts?
  • What does it mean to be feminine?  How can I access my feminine and my masculine in ways that support my growth and purpose?
  • What is feminine spirituality?
  • Being in my feminine feels unsafe, how do I learn to feel safe being in my feminine. Why should I even bother?

This Course is Currently Closed.