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What is the cost of Confidence?
October 22nd, 2015

Do you know how critical the feeling of confidence is to your life and career success? 

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing multi millionaire business woman Gloria Mayfield Banks speak at the Texas Conference for Women. She shared with us her "10 Steps to Success", and can you guess that "Confidence" was number two on her list?! 

Confidence is absolutely necessary to live a life of financial, career and personal success.

When a woman is not confident she runs the risk of not seeing opportunities for success that are right in front of her.  She is afraid of being seen by others so she shrinks her presence when it would serve her better to expand it.  She may soften her voice so as not to appear too "pushy" but then her message is missed and she fails to make the impact she wishes to make.
Sadly I run into so many women who have amazing gifts to share with the world, but who lack the confidence to get their work out there in a big way.  They unconsciously shrink and stay small, or take workshop after workshop hoping that the next one will finally make them feel like they are "good enough" to share their gifts with the world.

Can you relate to any of this?  I know I can!  Being confident in my work has not always been my forte.  I have always been out there on the "fringe" talking about "edgy" topics like alternative healing, sex and sexuality, relationships, and did I mention sex? ;)

I used to be so worried that I might offend someone, or that someone might not like what I had to say, or that I would make them "uncomfortable".  So I constantly altered my message to fit whoever was in front of me.  This at the expense of myself--I was not really being true to who I was nor honoring my deepest passion in how I showed up in the world. And as a result I failed to magnetize the right people to my work or realize the success I desired. 

But here's the deal.  Confidence can be learned.  It can be practiced. It can be consciously cultivated.  Yes--you can learn to shift how you show up in the world so that you can literally become magnetic, to draw people to you who just "get" you by your mere presence.

It begins when you cultivate an empowered relationship with your feminine sexual energy and your presence.
When a woman has an empowered relationship with her sexuality and her sexual energy, she is magnetic, confident, and radiates an inner beauty everywhere she goes.  People notice her when she walks into a room.  People listen to her when she speaks.  Her message gets heard. People just want to be around her, in her energy, in her presence. She is magnetic.
In all aspects this woman is more successful, peaceful, and in congruence with who she is are and how the world experiences her.

Want to become this kind of woman? Here's How:
I have created a fun and simple way for women to begin to learn the principles  and practices of powerfully connecting with their femininity and creative life force energy called the
Love Talks Parties. 

These are two hour events held in the comfort and privacy of your home where you get to grab a bunch of your girlfriends and enjoy an enlightened re-education on your feminine sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality.  You will walk away with practical techniques and practices that you can apply to your life immediately to begin to feel more confident, magnetic, and successful in your life.
Click here to read more about the Love Talks Parties
For the month of November I have openings for 3 of these events in the Austin area and am offering a special hostess bonus for any party booked by December 1st.  They also make a great idea for a ladies night in, bachelorette party idea, or birthday party idea. 

Would you like to host one?   If so contact me here  and we can talk more about how it works, etc. Know of someone else who might? Please forward this email to them.
By the way, these are classy events for women--no weird stuff --like I'm not going to ask you to get naked and touch yourself okay?  It's kosher and totally my passion to share this knowledge and practices with women because I truly believe that when we learn to change the way we show up spiritually, energetically, sensually and sexually, we hold the power to change the world. 

Ready to get on board?  Learn more here.

Words. The domain of the feminine?
July 15th 2015

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a secret passion of mine: copywriting for websites.  I have been a writer my whole life.  I have a long time love and passion for writing poetry, short stories, and even  academic articles.  But over the past several years, as I have been consistently studying ad practicing website and online marketing I have developed a nice taste for writing website copy. 

So you may be wondering, "What on earth does copywriting have to do with Feminine Wisdom, sex, love, relationships and all that spiritual stuff I am always talking about with you?" Well lots really!

You see words are the domain of the feminine.  We women love words. We use words all the time and way more frequently than men. In fact it is said that women speak about 20,000 words per day while men average 7,000.  The next time your man tells you that you talk too much, well it may be true, but that's NOT a bad thing! (and hey-it's all relative anyhow--after all maybe HE talks to little....uh huh...just sayin'!)

In fact, we women use words to heal ourselves and our sisters.  Recent research has now demonstrated that when women talk about their problems they release oxytocin-the hormone responsible for the generation of the loving feelings of connection and bonding-which decreases systemic stress.  However if women stuff our words and the associated feelings that go with them they experience a rise in the stress hormone cortisol!

So my dears, words are feminine, and we like to use lots of them.  And our words matter!

So why am I telling you this? Because I have a special offer for you and it is all about your words.  Your website home page words that is.

Between now and August 7th I am offering a special deal to help you and your website talk, and to talk in a way that generates connection, emotional response and ultimately results in more sales for you!

The Authentic Content that Sells Home Page Makeover Package is my gift to you to make your home page copy sparkle, shine and engage your visitors so that they are compelled to take action.  This package will be available now through August 7th.  I am only offering 5 of these packages and they are available on a first come first served basis.

As a special bonus for those who jump on board by July 31st. I am also throwing in a Bio/About Us page Makeover for free. 

Click here to read more about and or purchase The Authentic Content that Sells Home Page Makeover Package.

And just so ya know--this deal is for anyone--male or female-who wants to have a more compelling home page and bio that really captures the essence of who you are, speaks to who you serve, and who wants to make a bigger difference in the world by reaching more people and making more money.

Check it out here or feel free to email or call me with any questions. 

Be Radiant!

-Morgan Susan

How I found the path to effortless co-creation....

I wake up in the morning and I am exhausted already. 

Time to face another day. Another day as a single mother, self employed entrepreneur struggling to make ends meet, wondering if I will have enough money to put food on the table this week, or if my bills will get paid this month.
I am tired.  Tired of carrying the burden of responsibility of life all on my own. 
And I am afraid.  Afraid that I will not be able to take good care of my children, to provide well for them, to give them the opportunities to develop their skills and talents the way I was given such opportunities as a child.
It's summer  break now so the kids are still asleep but our three tabby cats are already demanding their morning meal.  I roll out of bed and stumble down the stairs.  Feed the cats. Make a cup of tea. This is the time in the past when I would have given myself the pep talk, plan out  my activities for my workday, and pray for the best. 
But today I don't.  I have grown weary of trying to make things happen. Tired of trying to "manifest", push, create.  So instead I rely on my daily Feminine Wisdom practice--I just sit and go within. Deep within.  
I drop my awareness into my pelvis, into my wombspace, and hold consciousness there, just resting within.
I know now that at  any given moment I always have a choice.  I can choose to act from my anxiety and fear, or I can choose to act from my deeper intuitive guidance, my internal knowing that is always calling me to exactly the path that is best for me. 
It has taken me a lot of practice just to drop in and learn to even connect with this place--my wombspace. 
Patience and a determination to reclaim myself and my access to my own feminine wisdom have been the key. And it continues to be an ongoing journey learning to really listen to and act from this place rather than the place of anxiety and fear that often unconsciously rules our lives.
That is what this practice of dropping inward, connecting to my center of wisdom intuition and creativity has helped me to do--it has helped me to slow down, to listen, to ground and center my energies so that I can
operate from a deeper wisdom, a higher knowing that is aligned with my highest purpose and deeper soul yearnings rather than allowing myself to be manipulated by the lower emotions of fear and survival consciousness.
From this place there is no need to "manifest" anything.  No need to do.  No need to act for the mere sake of action. 
All movement arises from truth, from inspiration.  Effortlessly, gracefully.  And the path becomes clear. And all things fall into alignment.  This is the co-creation, the sacred path of the Divine Feminine to which we all have access.

After a few minutes I already feel lighter, calmer, and my energy increases.
  I notice a growing sense of trust, feelings of safety and a confidence in my life purpose and path.  The feelings of fatigue are gone and so are the anxieties that I awoke with . Now I am ready to face my day.
If you would like to experience this process for yourself and perhaps make it a part of your own daily practice, I have created an MP3 audio of one of one of the foundational Feminine Wisdom meditations I use each day to help me connect with this deeper place of wisdom within me. 

Download it, put it on your iPod, your Android or whatever.  It's simple, extremely powerful, and once you learn it  you can do it anywhere anytime. You won't even need to listen to the audio anymore. 
You can access this foundational Feminine Wisdom Meditation by clicking here. 
 Hoping your summer is filled with life, love, friends, laughter, and joy. 

P.S.-- Just a heads  up on accessing the MP3 file--When you click the link above you will be taken to my online teaching platform and be asked to "enroll" in the Free Feminine Wisdom Meditation "course".  It's not really a course, this was just the easiest way for me to store the Mp3 file so that you could download it. After you "enroll" you will get a link sent to your inbox that gives you access to the "course" where you can then download the audio.

A Journey to Thailand. Summer 2014

A Story on the Consequences of NOT Feeling and Two Announcements (Thailand here I come!)

"There are consequences for NOT feeling your fear" He said.  "Your ability to feel, to feel deeply everything that you are experiencing, especially your fear,  is exactly what is necessary for the expansion of not only your life but of all of humanity."

We sat on the grass, protected from the hot afternoon sun by graceful oak tress which cast gentle shadows on the ground where we sat.  In the weeks leading up to the retreat I had been contemplating fear, asking myself "What is my biggest fear? And if I knew would I have the courage to move beyond it and live my life as powerfully and boldly as I envision myself so that I could truly live an extraordinary life?"

 In the seconds after hearing his words the insight came to me hard and fast.  I began to see all the areas in my life where I had been making choices to avoid feeling my fear.  And what was most surprising to me was it was not the "big" things I feared the most, but rather it was the moment to moment little choices I was making day to day to avoid feeling my fear. Things like avoiding speaking my deepest truth, or not communicating my deeper desires, or not taking steps towards living my dreams.

My mind was racing as all the dots were being connected.  He continued,

"What you feel you feel for the good of all. When you make choices in order to NOT feel, and to avoid facing your fears,  you suffer the consequences in ways you may not even realize. And all of humanity suffers as a result."

I now see more clearly the importance of why I chose to walk this path in the first place. The masters path, the path of the healer, the visionary, the world changer.  And I am not alone in this work.  There is  whole tribe of people rising to the call of becoming the living bridge to the new world. 

The name I was given to call this generation is the Omega tribe.  The ones who usher in the new monarchy, a monarchy where each individual is sovereign unto himself, yet living in a community where we are connected back to who we truly are, to the earth, to truth, alignment with divinity, and an unshakeable inner authenticity and comittment to sharing our deepest gifts with the world.

It may seem simple enough but have you considered in your own life all the little choices you make on a day to day basis to AVOID feeling?  And have you ever considered the consequences of NOT feeling?

What choices are you making in your own life that violate your deeper desires and highest values all because you don't want to feel your own fear? And what might be different in your life if you made the choice to live by your deepest desires and highest values even in the face of your fear?

These are critical questions we must ask ourselves if we are to live the life of our highest calling. 

Nothing of any lasting significance can really occur in our lives unless we become willing to do whatever it takes to face our fears,  live the life we dreamed, and to surrender enough to begin to allow life to dream its creation through us.  

The only choice that matters is the choice you make next.  What choice will you make?

The Feminine Wisdom Academy Goes To Thailand

In two weeks I will be getting on a plane headed to the beautiful island of Koh Samui Thailand.  I am so stoked and also a bit nervous as it has been some time since I have been out of the country.  While in Thailand I will be developing an adventure and leadership program with one of my clients as we travel throughout the islands, scoping out a location for the Feminine Wisdom Academy's 2015 Real Radical and Radiant retreat. 

If you are interested in learning more about he 2015 retreat please email me and let me know of your interest as it will likely be by invitation only.

Stay tuned for Upcoming Group Distance Learning Program

Staring in August  I will be leading a unique distance learning program on my Art of Sacred Relationship work.  This program will pack an exceptional value  while offering the best of both worlds--a mix of group work with private individual sessions.  More details on this coming soon!

 The New Empowered Feminine and

What She Wants from Her Man

5 Ways to Up-level your Relationship


The New Empowered Feminine woman of today is quite an evolution from the bra burning feminists of yesteryear.  The New Empowered Feminine woman is strong and grounded, yet soft and fluid.  She is sensual and sexual.  She is radiant and powerful.  She knows her truth and speaks from her desire.  She takes responsibility for her sexuality and recognizes herself as the source of her own pleasure.  She is the source of love itself.


This kind of woman is looking for a new kind of man.  She is looking for what us ladies like to call the "Evolved" man. And the world needs more of his kind.   But what does this New Empowered Feminine Woman want to hear from her man? What does she want from him? Need from him? Desire from him?  And how does a man relate to this new kind of woman?  Well, I have a few ideas:


The New Empowered Feminine Woman Desires a Man Who:


1. Navigates His Inner Conflict

Relating to The New Empowered Feminine woman may leave some men feeling confused.  She is full of paradox.  She wants her independence yet she wants to be cherished, adored and cared for.  She wants her freedom yet she values commitment.  She is sexually liberated yet she may consider herself a one man kind of woman.  This is bound to leave the men of the world mired in inner conflict. Feeling confused and uncertain as to their role in this woman's life. So what is a man to do?


What she wants you to do: Ask her! Clarify where the boundaries are.  Get interested and present to what her desires are and ask her how you can help to fulfill them. 


2. Supports Her Dreams and Desires

If you know one of these new kind of women (or are one yourself!), chances are she is fulfilling some kind of non-traditional role through her very meaningful and personal work in the realm of leadership, entrepreneurship, business and even family life. She views her work as contributing on a high level to the greater god of the world.  It is very important to her.  For some men her expansion in this area may feel threatening. 


What she wants you to do: Never put down what she does.  Lift her up. Support her dreams and her vision.  Throw another log onto her visionary fire and in the meantime get to work on  clarifying your on your own vision and purpose.(if you haven't done so yet!).


3. Processes His Own Shit

After working with women for so long one of the things I repeatedly hear again and again is how tired and fed up they are with "taking on other people's stuff". Women have their own work to do in this arena for sure, but you can help her and your relationship with her by learning how to deal with your own stuff. 


What she wants you to do: Get your fine little self out there in the world and seek out  some structures and tools for male personal development and growth. Find another evolved man and LEARN from him.  I just so happen to know a very lovely man who specializes in exactly this area.  Shoot me an email ( or message me on Facebook if you would like to know more.


4. Finds His Pleasure in the Giving

The New Empowered Feminine woman knows all about her desires, her wants and her needs.  And she is not afraid to tell her man about them. She is not afraid to receive their fulfillment in whatever form they may take.


What she wants you to do: Listen to and learn to recognize her deeper desires. Then be an active part of its fulfillment. Go on now, get yourself off on fulfilling her wants.  Find your pleasure in the giving.  As feminine principle woman is designed to receive.  She is the vessel which longs to be filled by the masculine aspect.  Once you master this high art of male/female alchemy, the bounties indeed will all come flowing back to you in ways you may have never imagined.  This stuff works.


5. Is in Contact With His Own Heart

The New Empowered Feminine Woman longs for a man who has healed the disconnect between his head and his heart.  She wants a man who knows what he is feeling and can respond to her with more than an "I don't know". 


What she wants you to do:  Get in contact with your feelings and learn to speak in her language which is the language of the heart.  Say to her what is present for you in the moment. This is way more of a turn on for her and works better than any pickup line.  Face it, the truth is just plain hot.

So I am curious a to what you think of this conversation?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

Have A Great Story About This Topic?

What is your take on the way men and women relate today? Is it difficult for a woman to find an evolved man? Is it difficult even for an "evolved" man to relate to this New Empowered Feminine woman?

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Entering a state of flow....

It was the summer of 1996.  I am dancing to the throbbing of drums at the Oregon Country Fair.  Drum circles were my religion back then, my church. Dance was (and still is) a spiritual practice for me.  But there was something that occurred that day that changed my fundamental experience and understanding of life.

As I danced I dropped deeply within myself, as is my practice in dance.  My gaze turned deeply inward as the sound of drums reverberated throughout my body.  I became radiantly aware of my deep connection to my body and to the sound and sensations of my surroundings. 

Then something transcendent happened.  I became acutely aware that  I was no longer dancing "to" the drums,  nor were the drums changing beat according to "my" movements (which will often happen in a drum circle as one drummer takes cue off the dancer and shifts the beat accordingly).  Suddenly, I could no longer discern any separation between my body, my dancing and the drumming. The dance and the drumming had merged, become one entity, one being, one expression, moving and gyrating, self generating from some unknown, unseen source. 

And in that moment I had the distinct awareness that I  was being danced,  the drummers were being drummed.  I had entered into a state of flow, a state of grace. A state of non-separation, or what the mystics might call "non-duality" or "oneness". It felt truly magical.

Why do I share this story with you? 

Because what I have found in my journeys and explorations in the world of healing, spirituality, and personal development is that this state of flow, or grace, is accessible to us all the time. And that states of flow and grace can be practiced, learned, and cultivated.

However most of the time we cut ourselves off from it due to three factors:

1. Our distorted beliefs and perceptions about self, others, and the world.

2. Our lack of consciousness of our own presence (energy-dynamics),  which leads to destructive patterns of being and relating to self, others, and the world.

3. The belief that growth and change happen in isolation from others, that we can do it on our own, and that we don't need to involve other people in our personal  process.

But why would you want to learn to cultivate and consciously access a state of grace?

Because it is from this state of flow that miracles happen, where time ceases to exist, and it becomes possible to quantum leap oneself into a totally new experience of life.  Relationships heal, false perceptions that keep you stuck in re-current patterns are transcended, and more vitality, radiance and aliveness become available to you as your creative life force is re-awakened.

In my studies of a variety of alternative healing modalities, models of psychotherapy and counseling, and various spiritual practices I have found that there are essentially three elements that are truly critical for real change and healing to occur:

1. The uncovering and transcending of limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns.

2. The conscious management of your energetic/emotional  presence.

3. The necessity of other people and an experiential approach to change.

Based on this understanding I am using my experience as an energy healer, intuitive, spiritual counselor and teacher, and women's empowerment coach to create courses which empower women with turbo charged practices and tools so that they create change in any area of their life by leveraging these three critical areas.

 My  course The Magdalene Circles Part 1:  Activating the Sacred Feminine: An Introduction to Feminine Wisdom Principles and Practices is a five week course for women who want to learn practical ways to cultivate this state of flow for more energy, vitality, creativity and personal healing.

 I will be sharing with you 15 powerful Feminine Wisdom practices that will help you to:

  • Identify and transcend limiting beliefs and behavior patterns.
  • Reconnect with your creative life force and learn how to consciously direct it to connect with more fulfillment in any are of your life.
  • Feel more feminine, sexy, and alive.
  • Connect more deeply and authentically with your intimate partner.
  • Use the power of feminine receptivity and magnetism to draw to you the things and experience you need to quantum leap you into a more expanded, fulfilled and prosperous experience of life.
  • Feel more supported as you learn how to use your relationships to leverage your growth and support your expansion.

When a woman is deeply connected to herself, she aligns her whole being with her higher purpose and wisdom. And as a result she  comes into a state of flow, or grace.  From a state of flow a woman learns to dance with life in a way where there is no more resistance and where effortless co-creation becomes a living reality.  Life is lived through her rather than by her. 

When a woman learns to consciously access this place within her she affects the world around her. 

  • Stagnant relationships are given room to grow.
  • Confusion about her life purpose dissipates.
  • She learns to magnetize, ask for and receive the support she desires.
  • And the world around her changes.

Things to Know

I teach these groups in a "dynamic flow" format.  What that means is that I respond directly to the energy and desires of the group while touching on specific teaching points and imparting information as it relates to the flow of what is happening in the room.

In other words, the dynamics of what the group brings in collectively as well as what you bring in individually will dictate the nature of the practices and teachings I bring in.  In this way the nature of the circles will vary from class to class and over time and will also be custom tailored to you and your needs!

Who Should Attend?

I work with women who are really ready to get more out of life--whatever that may look like for you! The range may be from personal healing (physical, emotional, etc), to career change, life purpose, relationships, or anything else that you are dealing with right now.

Many women who join the circle for the first time feel a little bit intimidated by the idea of being in a group. But what I hear again and again at the end of these groups is that being with other women in a group setting was one of the critical factors that made their experience most effective and worthwhile.

We need the support of other women to truly become who we are meant to be.  We simply cannot do it on our own.  So if you are feeling nervous about the group format, do not let that stop you. I encourage you to take the leap! Lean into your discomfort a little bit. This is the only way we truly grow and change.