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Holistic Healing Testimonials:
What People Are Saying
About Working with Morgan

"You are such a beautiful soul and hold such a sweet space for us to be tender with ourselves and deepen the space of the heart as you guide others to their own authentic awareness . What a gift! Deep gratitude to you."-Belinda Hart, Austin, TX

"As a result of working with you, my week was easier and I was able to complete tasks with ease and energy. I realize how important it is to take time from my busy life to nourish myself. I have come away with wisdom, tools, a sense of peace and strength, stronger faith in myself, our creator and others. I feel whole and supported. Thank you!"-Chanon Starnes. Austin, TX

"I noticed shifts immediately. I was grinning like a school girl on the way back from the session feeling God’s love. I hear the Universe speaking to me about looking at and directly taking responsibility for myself"
Michelle Bromley, Austin TX

"When entering Morgan’s presence, you immediately are calmed and feel a sense of unconditional love and understanding. There is no judgment with her. The gifts that she shares allow you to relax and trust her so that you can begin healing; gifts of pure love, pure acceptance, and pure forgiveness. These are some of her healing tools.

She is capable of detecting certain pains or imbalances within your body and/or mind and brings them to light. In finding a disturbance, she uses love and non-judgment and allows God, Source, or the Universe (whichever method you use to describe your creator or higher power) to work through her as she works with you to correct past hurts and dysfunctional beliefs that may be creating illness in your body as well as ongoing mental anguish.

Oftentimes the revelations that come when working with her are beliefs that have been held since childhood, and beyond, but that are still at work in your life today. Many of these beliefs are held deep in our subconscious, often unbeknownst to us. They need to be exposed, resolved, understood, and released. This is emotional healing, and it is powerful.

I was drawn to Morgan for help with healing from a very serious and potential fatal infection. Since beginning with Morgan to work on my physical health, both physical and emotional healing has occurred. I consider my experience nothing short of a miracle. After our first session, I was given an unquestionable miracle that confirmed her words to me that very day. With the healing and growth that has come into my life since working with her, I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like had I been exposed to emotional healing from a young age.

We have been working together for 5 months, and I will be the first to say that my progress is astonishing. I will be forever grateful for my healing, and especially for Morgan.

With all my love and gratitude,
Leanne Kidd, Chicago IL

"Wow, I cannot tell you how peaceful I am feeling now. I just feel different. My heart and chest feel very calm as do I. I've noticed that dealing with certain people and situations is now much easier. I feel at peace after I take care of a situation, and come to solutions quicker and with more ease. I’m feeling subtle confidence overall, and an ability to say what I feel I need to in the perfect manner. It’s really amazing how easy this therapy is to receive and how well it works. Thank you for an incredible session." Loretta A., Austin TX

"There were certainly more things that came up in the session than I expected. And I feel less anxious about things than I did before.Another thing I have noticed since our session is that I can now laugh at old patterned thoughts that come up in my mind and want to take me into a low emotional state. The thoughts are much easier to let go of and replace with better thinking. I find myself in a much more peaceful place emotionally and mentally." Linda C., Victoria British Columbia

"I have had a couple of healing sessions with Morgan and I always thought they were cool, but recently I had a crystal past life regression and it was profound. First off, let me say that I am someone who has his feet firmly on the ground. I am pretty agnostic and try to stay rooted firmly in the here and now. I would never have sought out Morgan's services except that we met through a business group and decided to trade some sessions.(I'm an acupuncturist)

So going into the past life thing... I thought it might be cool and fun but let me tell you that if you had asked me beforehand to imagine and write down a story about someone having a past life session I would not have had the vocabulary or the constructs at hand to be able to describe the narrative that unfolded. It was visceral and emotional and would have been overwhelming had it not been for Morgan's steady presence. I really appreciate her skill and devotion to her calling.

I don't know if everyone has as profound an experience as I did, but even for the chance that you would have access to something so transformative, it would be worth doing, but I wouldn't put myself in just anyone's hands. Morgan has something about her that is a combination of a calming presence and wise guidance. I trust her and that makes all the difference." David Jones LAc., Austin, TX