Holistic Healing Courses and Spiritual Education
The Feminine Wisdom Academy

The Feminine Wisdom Academy offers holistic healing courses and spiritual development education. 

The premise of our offerings is based on the understanding that spiritual development and holistic healing are two sides of the same coin. Consciousness both creates and cures. Therefore as we raise our consciousness through spiritual development practices, healing is a result. And as we address the emotional and spiritual aspects of disease and illness, consciousness increases and spiritual awakening is the result.

All of our courses are experiential and you will walk away with an understanding of how to apply and implement the tools for real life application and conscious transformation. For distance learning please visit our Tele-Classes page.

Current and Upcoming Courses

"Engaging the Mystery"
Radical Healing Through the Divine Feminine Principle

A Spiritual Healing Group for Women
Date: Next Dates TBA
Time: 10am-6pm
Location: Therapy for Your Soul 3534 Bee Caves Rd. Suite 211 Austin, TX 78746 Cost: $TBA

Course Description
Life is a mystery only waiting to be truly lived and met with the fullness of our being. Both spiritual awakening and personal healing result as we engage with, invite and activate the Sacred Mystery in our lives. As a supportive and intimate group of spiritual women, we will share community, support and guidance as we work both as a group and individually to deepen our journey of personal healing and spiritual awakening.

This focus of this group is spiritual healing through the Sacred Feminine principle and I will be channeling in the Sacred Feminine energy and wisdom teachings during each meeting and as needed for your specific needs individually, and for the group as a whole.

Real, Radical and Radiant: The Embodiment of Authentic Power for the Modern Woman

Upcoming Dates: TBA

This is a two day experiential workshop designed to give you the practical tools and experiences to make big changes in your daily life, relationships, and health.

Unlike other workshops that give lots of information and knowledge, this workshop focuses on experiential implementation of real tools for spiritual growth and personal healing. You will leave with new skills and the experience of how to apply those sills in your real life.

Life gives us many opportunities to awaken, grow, and expand into our fullest potential. The biggest things that stop most of us are a lack of courage to take action, a lack of knowing how to take action, and a lack of a skill set to help us see Truth and make new choices in how we are showing up in our lives.

This weekend will facilitate your ability to:

•Be able to do more of what you want when you want.
• Learn how to read the spiritual information encoded in your body and how it is mirrored in all your relationships so you can have a greater sense of control over you life and more joy in all your relationships.
•Access the courage within to make the necessary changes by moving past fears and limitations.
•Regain your sense of purpose, vision, and direction in life.
•Be more prosperous in all areas of your life.

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Wisdom Awakening One Day Transformational Retreat

Upcoming Dates: TBA

The Wisdom Awakening one day transformational retreat is a sacred experience designed to facilitate your deeper connection and experience of the God Within you.

This work is based on the Seven Principles of Wisdom: Emotion, Belief Systems, Listening, Witness, Process, Transformation, and Awareness. Learn to apply these principles to access your inner wisdom. Gain the spiritual tools and guidance you need as you grow and deepen your unique spiritual journey of awakening.

Monthly Group Sessions

Upcoming Group Sessions TBA

The monthly group sessions are taught once per month on a Monday night from 7-9pm. The cost is $20 per person. Pre-registration is required.

Past Group Session Topics Have Included:

Manifesting and Abundance
Radical Forgiveness and Community Holiday Gathering
Activating the 12 Strand DNA and Releasing Programs of Aging
Accessing Intuition: The Process and Application of Theta Meditation

Other Courses: TBA or by Request Only

This intensive weekend workshop will build on the principles introduced in our two hour group session but can be taken separately. Learn useful tools to clear energetic emotional blocks, reveal limiting belief systems, and to shift your energetic body to come into alignment with your vision. Emphasis is on practical useful tools for manifesting abundance on a day to day basis.

Next class date: TBA Read more details and find upcoming dates and prices

Awakening the Healer: Fundamentals of Spiritual Healing Weekend Workshop

This workshop is designed to introduce the student to some of the basic concepts of spiritual healing. It is perfect for those who are not yet ready to become certified in any one modality but who would like a basic working knowledge of spiritual healing principles to use on themselves, friends, or pets.

Topics will include an introduction to opening and closing sacred space, clearing and protecting ones own energy field, clearing spaces of negative energies, and learning to do an intuitive reading. Read more.....

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