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The Dark Side of Brazilian Waxing:
10 Reasons to Skip the Buff and Keep the Fluff

Brazilian waxing.  Also known as the removal of body hair, particularly the pubic hair.  The practice seems harmless enough but what most fans of this growing trend do not realize is that there are serious medical and health implications to removing the hair in the pubic areas in particular.

Below I share with you some of the little known benefits and primary functions of of pubic hair.  Read these 10 reasons to skip the buff and keep the fluff.  Then let me know  your thoughts and leave a comment in the box below. 

1. Pheromones: The pubic hair releases pheromones, which are also known as the chemicals of attraction.  Pheromones are what give each person their own unique fragrance which are used to draw in potential mates.  When the pubic hair is removed there is no vehicle for the production and release of these important alchemical aphrodisiacs.

2. Bacteria and Microbe Protection: One of the primary functions of pubic hair is to fight off bacteria and other microbes which you definitely do not want living in your ya-ya. When the hair there is removed you are at greater risk of developing infection and disease.

3. Protection: The skin around the pubic area is different than skin on other parts of your body. It is far more delicate and sensitive.  The pubic hair helps to protect this sensitive area and keep it soft and supple. When the hair is repeatedly removed by Brazilian waxing or other methods like shaving, the skin becomes exposed and subject to abrasions.  It can then become toughened which lessens sensitivity to sexual stimulation over time.  Sensitivity is a key factor in sexual pleasure and when sensitivity is dimished more stimulation will be required to feel pleasure. This equates to more abrasion to this delicate area and to even more toughening of the skin.

4.  Sensation: The hair follicles of the pubic hair reach into the dermal layers of the skin and become vehicles for the transmission of sensation and pleasure.  Try this: run your fingers over an area of your body that has some hair on it (maybe your arm or even your eyebrow).  Notice the sensations you feel.  Now run your hand over another area of your body that is hairless, such as the back of your hand.  What do you notices?  Which experience did you feel more sensation?  When the pubic hair is removed you are eradicating what can be a significant source of sexual pleasure.  Each time the follicle is stimulated, sensation is created.  When there is no hair there...well you get the picture.

5. Warmth: Well this one is probably pretty obvious.  Keeping the pubic area co veered with its natural dressing not only protects it from abrasions, but also from extremes in temperatures. 

6. Sacred Feminine: The pubic hair protects and keeps warm the pubic area but it also provides a way to hide and keep sacred the sexual organs.  When the pubic hair is removed this area then becomes visible and "externalized" which are a hallmark and value of a hyper-masculine society.  Keeping the pubic hair intact honors the Sacred Feminine.

7. Mystery: Keeping in line with the Sacred Feminine benefit, the pubic hair also adds mystery.  It maintains a depth of sensitivity, sensation, and a drawing within, all of which are hallmarks of the Sacred Feminine.

8.  Natural Cooler:  Body hair, including pubic hair, is also a filter for sweat.  Now I admit that I have had a hard time believing this benefit as summertime temperatures often leave one eager to shave that hair right off of there! But it is true, the hair helps to manage  and evenly distribute the body's sweat production so that your body can effortlessly maintain its natural ability to cool itself.  When the hair is removed you do not get this benefit.

9. Natural: Nature has a reason for everything and pubic hair is no exception.  Brazilian waxing and shaving off of the pubic hair (and other body hair for that matter) is a modern trend that is not rooted in any sort of evolutionary benefit for humans other than visual pleasure.  The removal of bodily hair is merely yet another symptom of a society that is over focused on the external appearance, consumption and acquisition. 

10. Pathological Implications: Body hair and pubic hair are natural and normal.  When the the remover of pubic hair becomes a mandatory requirement for an individual--that is they will not be sexually invovled with a partner who does not remove the hair down there-this may be a sign of pathology.  Recently there has been talk amongst the American Psychiatric Association to add a diagnostic classification into the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual as a potential pathological indicator.  Now this does not mean that just because you choose to remove your pubic hair that you are pathological or abnormal. Rather what it  is pointing to to is that when a person demands or requires the removal of pubic hair as a condition for intimacy or sexual interaction that this is not normal and could be an indicator for pathological behavior.

So there you have it!  Most of this is medically and scientifically based stuff, and really it has less to do with my personal opinion or judgement about the topic. Hey I admit I went through a phase where I engaged in the Brazilian wax myself! But later  learned how harmful it really can be and now I just really feel that this information needs to be out there.  Too many people do not realize the detriments they are doing to their bodies and what is worse it is a symptom of o much larger issue--that of a society that is way out of balance and over focused on the external appearance rather than the body's natural inherent wisdom.  If we are to rebirth the Sacred Feminine back into the world, then we have a social responsibility to know about this stuff.

What do you think about Brazilian Waxing and Pubic Hair Removal?

Do you have a great story about this? Are you aware of the detriments to it? What is your take on the growing trend to remove our body hair, pubic hair in particular?

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