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Increase Confidence. Enhance Pleasure. Experience Fulfillment.

Enlightened Intimacy 8 Week Online Course

Discover the pathway to activating and honoring your feminine energy in love, sex, and relationships for a more satisfying intimate and personal life.

What's it all about?

Sexual intimacy is not always an easy path to navigate and creating the intimacy we really want takes effort, education and implementation.  We cannot expect to experience any changes in our intimate lives unless we are willing to openly examine, talk about and educate ourselves on the topic of sex and intimacy.

What we are taught in middle school sex ed falls far short of what is necessary for us to have a truly fulfilling sex life.  Sex is about so much more than body parts and anatomy! Sex is a pathway for the experience of deep connection with another human being.  Expanding even beyond physical pleasure sex is also a tool for spiritual realization and personal healing. It is one of the most sacred birthrights given to us as humans.

Yet for many of us sexual intimacy is wrought with anxiety, shame, uncertainty, and anything but a blissful and fulfilling intimate connection with another person.  As women we intuitively we long for something more but we have no idea how to create it.  Maybe we begin to think this unidentifiable "more" is just not possible for us, that we have missed our opportunity or that time has passed us by.  Maybe we blame ourselves, or maybe we blame our partners. We end up settling for "what is" but that inner longing never really goes away.....

Enlightened Intimacy is a journey into the study of your own feminine energy and female sexuality.  It provides a real education, teaching you practical skills and principles to enhance and deepen intimacy in any relationship.  Your first and most important intimate relationship is with yourself so whether you are single or partnered  is not so important. 

The journey begins first with YOU. And as women we learn about these kinds of things best int he company of other supportive women.

A woman who has an empowered relationship with her own sexuality and feminine energy is confident, connected to life, and magnetic. She radiates an inner beauty that other people just want to be around.  She is sensual, alive and approachable.  She is fulfilled within herself yet available for the journey of relationship.  She knows who she is and is not afraid to shine her light with the world.  

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create more connection and intimacy in your intimate relationship (or if you are single, be prepared for when you do have a partner again).
  • Break old patterns in relationship that create obstacles to intimacy.  You will understand how intimacy is actually consciously created--it takes work!-- and avoid the unconscious habits that lead to feelings of separation and isolation.
  • Experience more pleasure and deeper more expanded orgasms (even if you have never had an orgasm). Please note: There  is absolutely NO nudity or sexual touring of ANY kind at this retreat.
  • Practice a new approach to lovemaking that they don't teach you in the mainstream books or media and that yo can take back into your intimate relationship after the retreat.
  • How to turn sex in to love so that you will experience emotional and physical healing and personal growth whether you are single or in a relationship.
  • Giving and receiving: How to harness your creative life force energy for more abundance, manifestation and success in your creative endeavors--career, family, business, etc.
  • How to have the difficult conversation: be able to share what you learn over this women's weekend with your partner or future partner.

Some of the benefits of learning these principles and practices are:

  • It becomes easier to say "no" when you  mean "no", to stand your "ground". 
  • Don't get blown off center or negatively influenced by others.
  • Become more confident and magnetic, attract to you the experiences, clients, opportunities you desire.
  • Help introduce your partner (or a future partner) to the principles of Enlightened Intimacy and lovemaking for deeper intimacy, connection, and sustained pleasure and love.
  • Reduce painful periods, painful intercourse, and release unresolved emotions held in the sexual center.
  • Learn to use the symptoms of PMS and Menopause for wisdom, insight, and to make important decisions about your life.
  • Experience more love and success in all areas of your life.

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 "With what Michelle learned in the course, we have learned as a couple how to really be present with one another in ways that we weren't before.  We have learned how to just grow in those moments together and be one in a way that we've only ever heard about before and  in ways that we never really could have even imagined.  This experience has been truly life changing for us. Thank you Morgan!"

-Erik Harvey

What's different?

Unlike other sexuality courses that focus solely on they physical aspect of sex and intimacy (like teaching trendy techniques aimed solely at helping you to have better orgasms), The Pathway to Pleasure addresses intimacy across three fundamental domains--the physical, spiritual, and emotional-- for a holistic approach that gets results. 

The first half of the course is an education on your female sexuality and feminine sexual energy.  You will learn new approaches to sex and lovemaking that enhance pleasure, spiritual connection, and feelings of intimate fulfillment.  You will understand new things about how your physical and energetic body functions--things that they never taught you in high school sex ed because they didn't know it either--this stuff is not mainstream knowledge!

The second half of the course is more emotionally and spiritually focused.  You will learn skills to activate your own feminine energy, resolve the common obstacles to emotional intimacy in relationships while identifying and breaking habitual patterns that inhibit a deeper connection.  Learn skills in conscious communication, accessing and utilizing the power of your magnetic presence, and tapping into your own body as a viable source of spiritual knowing and intuitive wisdom.

What you will learn:

Laying the Foundation: An Introduction to Enlightened Intimacy

Learn and experience the fundamental principles of  the Enlightened Intimacy approach to love, sex, and relationship where you will learn what it means to honor the feminine element in sex and life! Discover what has been unconsciously getting in your way of having the meaningful intimacy you long for and know what to do to start to consciously create it.

Re-Ignite The Love: Your Female Body and The Energetics of Intimacy

Learn how to consciously generate more attraction and magnetism when you activate the sexual polarities of your body.  Understand the masculine and feminine dynamic in intimacy and tap into your natural ability to transform sex into love. What you learn in Week 2 will equip you with the principles and practices to experience more depth, pleasure and an enhanced spiritual connection in intimacy.  

Want to Train Your Lover?  Train YOURSELF FIRST!

Cultivating a deeper intimate connection that is more spiritually and physically satisfying takes work. Before we can even begin to talk about intimacy with another we must understand that your sexual journey begins first  with yourself! Learn how to begin the journey into your own sensual and sexual self and understand how to best share this knowledge and approach with a partner or future partner. Expand your capacity for pleasure and orgasm--even if you have never had one--and find the pathway to your pleasure!

From Passion to Pleasure: The Anatomy of Love, Sex and Orgasm

Uncommon knowledge has practical applications when you want to cultivate deeper intimacy and love.  This week we will explore some of the less commonly known facts of the female body and sexual anatomy, how orgasm functions and why it may not be all its cracked up to be.  Learn how to enhance your relationship harmony and keep the passion alive.

Giving and Receiving: Accessing the Wisdom of the Body

Your female body contains all the wisdom and information you need to make decisions and guide your life in the direction of health, wealth and happiness.  If only we knew how to hear this wisdom!  This week you will learn how to journey into your beautiful female body and learn how to hear the wisdom of your wombspace.  Learn practical skills so that you can begin to discern and act on your inmost feminine intuition and wisdom.

Getting What You Want: Conscious Communication and the Art of Sacred Relationship

Communication is one of the most complex arenas of human relationships.  This weeks lesson will show you how an intimate connection is lost and teach you what to do to get it back. You will learn exactly what to do and what not to do in order to  regain a failing intimate connection without sacrificing your own needs in the process.

From the Bedroom to the Boardroom: Cultivating Powerful Presence for Confidence, Magnetism, and Co-Creation

Your relationship with your own sexuality and sexual energy directly affect how other people perceive you and relate to you.  Your relationship with your own power directly influences how you show up-- your presence. Most of the time we are completely unaware of  what we are communicating through our presence. This week you will learn about the six body  energy personalities and how to master your own presence so that you stop showing up in ways that are communicating the wrong things to others, and instead become magnetic, confident and capable of getting the results you want in any area of your life.


The Power of SHE: Honoring the Feminine

In a culture that values the rational, logical, and controllable, it is no wonder that many women have received mixed and often negative messages about what it means to be a woman. Many of us have been told directly or by covert messages in our media that we are "too emotional" or even "crazy".    This week we explore cutting edge research on how your emotions directly affect your physical health while highlighting the important role your emotions play in your ability to make important decision, access your deeper wisdom, and achieve physical health and harmony. 

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What you get when you enroll

  •   Detailed course syllabus outlining the retreat content and weekend itinerary.
  • 100 page workbook with in depth details of the content of each class.
  • MP3 audio downloads of the practices and meditations you will learn  over the course of the weekend.
  • Access to a private community Facebook page for ongoing support.

How it works

  • Enlightened Intimacy is an 8 Week Online Course taught by Morgan Susan Taylor founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy.
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  •  To enroll, please submit an invitation request and you will be contacted to complete your registration.

The Promise and Vision

My promise to you is an environment of love and compassion, safety and trust, and confidentiality where we as women can support one another on deepening our relationships with ourselves, our femininity and our beautiful and sacred sexuality. 

My vision is to equip women to be able to take what they learn in this course and bring the wisdom they learn into their relationships to elevate, heal and bring more love into their own lives, relationships, communities and into the world at large.  I also envision women inspiring and sharing this wisdom with other women--this is the way we change the world!

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