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Crystal Remote Viewing and
Past Life Regression

In this workshop you will learn a simple technique using crystals to create an energetic hologram around the body. The crystals create an energetic grid which facilitates a deep theta brain in the client. This deep state of relaxation makes it easier to access your own intuition and subconscious mind.

You will learn how to guide each journey based on specific goals and objectives for healing. This is also a wonderful tool which will also assist you in developing your intuitive abilities while expanding your awareness and consciousness in this life.

In this course you will:

- Learn how to properly connect with and use crystals to facilitate and access your soul memory through a simple laying on of stones.
-Understand how to easily energetically cleanse and activate your crystals for specific soul journey work.
-Enhance your intuitive and psychic abilities.
-Travel through time to visit and experience past lives.
-Meet with Ascended masters, guides and guardian angels.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

There are no dates set at this time.For a custom class we require a minimum of 6 students. To schedule a custom class please contact us
Cost:$125 per student, includes workbook