Authentic Content that Sells

Home Page Makeover Package

Your home page is  the first place your web visitors land when they visit your website.  It is also the place where you either lose them immediately or successfully keep them  interested, wanting to take that next step in getting to know you and ultimately doing business with you.

 To do this you have to have copy that they connect with immediately, juicy words that illicit an emotional connection and make them feel something.  And you only have less than 30 seconds to do so!

Compelling copy that piques interest, is relevant to the visitor, is conversational, authentic, and relational without being pushy, salesy, or boring keeps your prospects engaged and wanting to know more, ultimately leading to an increased potential that they will take action and do business with you.

If you have been putting off writing a great home page for your website because you don't have the time, don't like to write, or just have no idea  how to write compelling copy that gets visitors jazzed about how you are and what you do so that they want to do business with you--let me do it for you!

The Home Page Makeover Package Includes:

  • Personal Essence Discovery Session: We talk. I help you get clear on who you are, who you serve and help you define your personal energetic essence that you want to convey via your website.
  • Write Compelling Content that Sells: Re-writing and/or editing of your home page copy,
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Love it or I re-do it for free.
  • Special bonus: When you purchase this package by July 31st I will also re-write your Bio or About Us page at no extra charge.

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