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Does Holistic Healing Really Work?
Happy Clients Share Their Experience

Case Study: Christy Smith, Ft. Worth TX

"I first came to Morgan because I was struggling with everyday things in life. I was feeling depressed. I was lost. I wasn't 100% sure of what I was getting into.  The fear of the "unknown" was there, but my desperation for help and change was greater.

I had recently ended a marriage of 19 years and  I felt as if I was out of control in every aspect of my life.  The little things in life were becoming overwhelming.  I felt as if I was not functioning well at work and I was making mistakes that were out of character. I was not functioning well at home with my daughter and  I could feel a strain in my relationship with her.  

 I had always put everyone else first in my life and I no longer had the energy or mental capability to do so.  I knew something had to change but I didn't know where to start or how to start.  I couldn't understand why I was still "stuck" in this circle pattern of frustration that I desperately wanted to break free from, it was life consuming.

 With the guidance and knowledge that Morgan shared I became aware of the realization and understanding that I never really processed my feelings and energy in a way that would allow me to let them pass, which in turn, would allow me to move forward in my life. With Morgan's help I have learned that when you take care of yourself, it benefits everyone in your life.  Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act (as I once thought) it is a gift to yourself and your loved ones, as it allows you to love them on a deeper level. It has been like cleaning out that closet of emotions that I thought I had already given away, but when I looked again, they were hidden in the back of the closet.  They are now gone!

 After working with Morgan I find that  I am much more at peace with my life- the good and the bad.  I feel as if I am in control and I am able to handle "life" in a more positive way.  This also reflects in my day to day relationships with people, especially my daughter.  I now look forward to starting a new day each day.  The little things don't seem to bother me anymore.  Peace is the biggest change I have noticed. 

 I have re-discovered the true me! 

 I am now more confident in every aspect of my life.  My career has improved and continues to improve. My relationship with my daughter is wonderful.  I am enjoying the little things life has to offer and I never realized how many of them there are. I did not "see" them before as I was too busy being out of control.  I have even begun to start dating again and that is something I NEVER thought I would be doing at this point.

I would not be where I am today without Morgan's help."

-Christy Smith, Ft. Worth, TX

"When my wife began studying with Susan my initial reaction was “hey, that’s great – Susan seems really grounded.” As they began sessions together, however, what I saw emerge and take shape in my wife was a steadily growing sense of self and self-confidence. But what was as equally striking as witnessing the changes in my wife, was noticing the changes that occurred in me as a result. The work that my wife was doing with Susan created a space for me to see my wife in a new way, and in a way that increased my own capacity to see her and to love her for who she really was. I unconditionally recommend Susan.”

-Dave Evans, Austin, TX.

Case Study: Chanon Starnes Austin, TX

"I was at a point in my life where I really felt stuck even though I had been doing work to heal and better myself and life situation for a few years.  I needed someone who could help me see/correct what I was missing. I was very unhappy in my life situation.  I was looking for healing and direction.  I felt so trapped.  I was overwhelmed, extremely angry, feeling guilty if I wasn't pleasing everyone in my life, and so tired!  Tired to the point I was shutting down.  My marriage was falling apart, I was burying myself in my kids and they were suffering (they needed boundaries) and then I resented them because they were so much work.  I was gaining weight rapidly...18 lbs in 6 months.  I had no identity other than mom/household manager.  I was so unhappy!

 After reading thru Morgan's website I was instantly drawn to go for a session. I did wonder if it would work for me?

 Morgan is a highly intuitive and wise facilitator.  She is excellent at digging for the heart of the issue and providing a safe and sacred place for you to heal.  Many times, I experienced deep healing after going down what felt like a deep dark path with Morgan as my guide. 

 After working with Morgan I have learned that the Truth will never let you down.  Sometimes it is hard to look at the truth because we have so much invested in our illusions, but it is worth it and brings so much relief!  I am so much more aware of what I am feeling.  I have the courage to see the Truth and I am now profoundly more in touch with the true authentic me

 I have lost the 18 lbs.  My husband and I are connected and in a real and authentic place...we are on the road to healing...both of us learning to trust love again.  My children have more structure and I have and am setting new boundaries.  I am much more connected to my creator, this planet and others.  My new identity is emerging more and more everyday! I see people differently.  Each of us has a path and we are all doing the best we can!

 The experience with Morgan's work  is truly amazing!  She teaches you to be in charge of your emotional health in a responsible, self empowering and healthy way.  A wise teacher of mine once said when dealing with what troubles us..."You can't go over it, you can't go under it, you can't go around it...You must go Through it!"  That is exactly what one will do with Morgan's help!"

-Chanon Starnes Austin, TX

Case Study: Wanda Fletcher Bonder

 "I originally sought out Morgan's help because I felt I was just not as happy as I thought I should be.  People who knew me would never know I was ever depressed or sensitive-  I have mastered the art at putting on a happy face and going about my life.  But when alone I would cry – sometimes for hours or days even.  Very small issues would pop up and I could find myself in crying bouts easily lasting hours. And I could sometimes go days without talking to anyone or leaving the house. 

And yet I could not determine why I was feeling this way.  I have what most would consider a comfortable life style – not too much financial pressure, good friends, budding yoga/meditation practice.  But, somewhere deep inside, I knew I was still not genuinely happy. 

I was skeptical about the work being effective.  I was unfamiliar with what to expect and so I had no expectations of receiving any relief.  I was also hesitant to sign up for any type of talk-based therapy as I was not interested in hashing and rehashing the specific events of my unstable and often violent childhood.

But I was relieved when I experienced that Morgan’s work released things at a very deep level and went much deeper than what I have experienced in other approaches.  During some of my sessions I even felt physical sensations which I describe as things leaving my body. 

After my work with Morgan I can now have objective, non-upsetting conversations about the things that used to trigger me. I can communicate to my husband more clearly what my needs and desires are.  It is easier for me to say "no" and I no longer feel hyper-sensitive. Nor do I stay inside for days at a time with the blinds closed crying.

At some level it feels “magic and I can tell you that my mental health is like night and day.  The sessions are not painful or difficult.  Morgan absolutely has a gift and I am so thankful she followed a call to share her gift with me.  She has a very gentle presence and if you can open yourself up – truly open up to any possibility, well, I am not sure there is anything she would not be able to help you improve, release, and manage.  My happiness now feels much deeper, genuine."

-Wanda Fletcher Bonder, Dallas, TX

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