Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.
Founder, Feminine Wisdom Academy

Morgan Susan Taylor brings more than 20 years of formal training and life experiences to support her tribe of sexy, soulful and wise women, men, and couples.  She's a skilled intuitive, spiritual mentor, insightful writer, and magnetic speaker who specializes in coaching and counseling awakening women and committed couples who prefer an “outside the box” approach to personal growth and development. 

Morgan is gifted at supporting those who feel unsatisfied or uninterested in sexual intimacy regain their confidence, and reconnect to their life passions and deeper desires, so that they can relax into meaningful intimacy and cultivate a deeper intimate connection within themselves and with another that is about more than “just sex”.

As a specialist in women’s sexuality, Morgan helps women release their fear of trust and deep surrender, re-connect to their feminine power, and take back control over their sexuality and reproductive health. Morgan helps men understand the female sexual dynamic and works with committed couples to improve communication, deepen connection, and cultivate a personal pathway to enhanced pleasure and intimacy. She hosts several therapeutic healing groups focused on women’s sexual empowerment, infertility and miscarriage loss, and abortion healing. (

She is the founder of The Feminine Wisdom Academy where she leads workshops, classes and retreats in feminine spirituality, sacred sexuality, and alternative energy healing. Her signature offerings at Feminine Wisdom Academy are: Way of the Priestess Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Certification and her annual women’s retreat Pathway to Pleasure.

Morgan earned her bachelors degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Dance from the University of California Santa Barbara (1998) and completed her masters degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University San Marcos (2014). Morgan is currently licensed by the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern where she specializes in women's sexuality and reproductive health. (Supervised by Susan Gonzales, LPC-S) (

Morgan is an experienced alternative energy healing practitioner and spiritual intuitive and leads professional training's and retreats to certify other coaches, healers and therapists in intuitive coaching skills.  

Morgan is passionate about dance of all forms, from ballet to ballroom, but holds a special love for sacred dance and expressive movement.  She has traveled to Nepal two times to study the ancient sacred art of Nepalese Vajracharya Temple dance and currently leads sacred dance and liturgical dance workshops in the Austin, TX area.  Morgan is also the proud mother of two daughters ages 12 and 16.

Morgan is available to work in person in her office in Austin, TX or provide distance healing services via phone.

 “The essence of the work I do is ultimately about helping my clients to understand where and how hey are blocked from experiencing the fullness of the life they desire and then working with and through the Divine to assist them in releasing and re-patterning the emotions, beliefs and limitations to change their experience of life itself.  The beauty of this work is that God does the actual healing and I as the ‘healer’ am merely the witness.”--Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.