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The Art of Sacred Relationship
Weekend Intensive
An Conscious Path to Cultivating Clear Communication, Fulfilling Intimacy, and Lasting Love

Love. Freedom. Connection.

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Are You Tired of This:

  • Feeling Unappreciated: She/he never seems happy, you feel as though you can never win or do anything "right". You're tired of always being made "wrong".
  • Feeling Frustrated: Whenever YOU want sex your partner doesn't. Whenever you try to talk he/she talks over you--why can't my partner just listen to me!?
  • Feeling Unimportant.  He never listens! She won't talk!
  • Feeling Resentful: Unresolved issues keep getting "brushed under the rug" because it's easier to avoid them than to get in another argument about it.
  • Feeling Resigned: It's never going to get better so I may as well just settle and take it as it is.
  • Feeling Disconnected: Why doesn't my partner "get" me? Is it even possible to undo all the damage and to ever feel in love again?

Do You Want More Of This Instead:

  • Feel More Connected: Get on the same page, know how to navigate disagreements  in a productive way where both partners feel heard and honored. Clean out from under that "rug" without fear!
  • Re-ignite Desire and Passion: enjoy better quality and quantity of sex and lovemaking. 
  • Feel Appreciated: Learn the secret to igniting your partners motivation through using the Relational Needs.
  • Feel Important: Get the love and intimacy you really want without feeling lie you have to sacrifice yourself to get it. 
  • Have More Fun and Joy!

Please learn more about this program on our new website here

The Fifth Way. A  Sacred Pathway to Truth.

There is an ancient path of self knowledge which teaches us how to use romantic love, Eros, as a profound secret pathway to the Divine. These relationships are characterized by two individuals who come together for the purpose of profound healing, expansion of the soul wisdom, and  Divine revelation.

The ancient mystics referred to them as Fifth Way relationships  and they are among the most sacred of spiritual paths.
Most of us initially enter into relationship for a different purpose. We are sexually attracted, we are in love, we have found someone we can finally be ourselves with. We share dreams and goals.  We love. We fight. And love some more. We are together for a reason, a season or even a lifetime.  
But underneath Eros's initial lures of love and mutual attraction lies a realm of intimate experience just waiting to be excavated.  This realm is deeper than what we see and experience on the surface of our intimate relationships.   

It is a domain that goes beyond the cultivation of intimacy, the learning of effective communication skills, and the pursuit of sexual satisfaction and intimate fulfillment that most of us spend so much time trying to balance and create.
A Fifth Way relationship calls us to expand beyond the four ways of knowing and experiencing the world to find an a new and secret path to understanding and experiencing love, sex and relationship--the Fifth Way.
In the Fifth Way we move into the realm of the timeless and our vision becomes broadened to this new view we begin o see the journey of our life and the journey of our soul is not ours alone yet part of a greater story just waiting to unfold.
And our relationships become our greatest catalysts for furthering this sacred work.  Romantic love becomes about much more than emotional connection or great sex.  It become the context, the container if you will in which one comes to know and to experience God.
Intimate relationship becomes the Temple in which we learn to transcend our greatest fears, dissolve the illusion of duality and separateness, and enter into the experience of Truth.
And even though we often initially enter into relationship for a very different reason, any relationship can be turned into a Fifth Way relationship once we make the choice to walk this sacred path.

The Art of Sacred Relationship work is powerful and transformative and unlike anything you have experienced before.  It is a way to experience romantic love as a conscious path to self knowledge and divine revelation.

It is a structured pathway that holds the power to take you out of the common pitfalls and pain many couples become entangled in and into a state of heightened awareness where you become the creator of the lasting love and intimacy you long for.
The Art of Sacred Relationship is for couples and individuals who desire  to reach a new level of awareness, understanding, freedom AND connection in their current or future relationship while deepening the love and making it last.

This work is beautiful, powerful.....and.... not for everyone.

This Workshop is for Three Types of People:

1.  Couples in a committed relationship who are experiencing relationship challenges and who want to get back to the love, passion and intimacy AND individuals who are in a committed relationship but who cannot get their partner to attend with them but who wish to learn new skills on their own in order to improve their current relationship.

2. Individuals who want to be able to attract and create a conscious loving relationship with a future partner. (may attend the workshop alone or with a non-romantic friend partner)

3. Couples who have a great relationship already but who would like to improve certain areas such as the sex, intimacy or communication and who want to learn to use the relationship as a conscious spiritual practice.

Please learn more about this program on our new website here

Create the Intimacy You Want and Make it Last

 Did you know that intimacy can be intentionally created? Unfortunately many people un-intentionally sabotage their intimate connection, leaving one or both partners feeling separated, disconnected, shut down or shut out.  This leads to many problems in the relationship including lack of desire for or avoidance of sexual intimacy,  poor communication, anger and resentment.

The Art of Sacred Relationship Weekend Intensive will help you understand why and how such disconnection happens in the first place.  You will learn how to restore a lost connection quickly so that you can experience more love, harmony and have the satisfying relationship and sex life you really want.

Release Resentment, Free Yourself from Frustration.
Learn to Create the Connection and Intimacy You REALLY Want WITHOUT Months of Counseling,  Reading Tons of Relationship Books or Resorting to the Latest  Trendy Advice from Talk Shows or Tabloids.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Known.
Your Roadmap to Juicy Love, Fulfilling Sex and Harmonious Relationship is Here at Last.

  • Consciously create more harmony and peace in your relationship.
  • Identify the root cause of relational conflict and know how to resolve it quickly.
  • Conscious Communication: How to talk so your partner listens and you feel heard and how to listen to your partner so that they feel heard by you.
  • Intentionally regain the intimate connection when connection is lost.
  • Develop a spiritual view of relationship and learn to use your current or future relationship for mutual growth and personal development.
  • Understand the different function of relationship and learn how to consistently be happier and more fulfilled.
  • Learn how to increase sexual desire, expand your orgasmic potential and enhance your capacity for pleasure. 
  • Conscious Touch and Finding Your Sweet Spot:  learn to get and give the touch you want and stop "tolerating" what doesn't feel good!
  • Note: there is NO nudity or sexual touching in this class.

Why What You Have Tried in The Past Hasn't Worked: The Multiple Domains of Intimacy

Intimacy is about much more than just our emotions.  It is a path of cultivating the  mind, the body and also our spiritual and energetic selves. 

Most approaches to couples work over emphasize verbal communication and emotional expression,  while ignoring the energetic and spiritual domains of intimacy.  Emotional and verbal communication are vital and important but without the understanding of the spiritual function of a relationship and the energetic dynamics that play out between two people you are only getting half the picture.

The Art of Sacred Relationship weekend will show you how to consciously create more connection and intimacy across these four domains by experiencing powerful practices to help you communicate more effectively, cultivate more awareness and sensitivity in your body, and take on a spiritual view of relationship so that you will be able to consistently experience more joy, peace and love and less arguing, resentment or feeling unappreciated or unloved.

A Shout out to the Men Out There

It's natural for guys to think there's nothing wrong with their relationship and it can be very challenging to admit that maybe you are in need of a little tune up.  Just like a car needs periodic tune ups to keep running in tip top shape and condition, your relationship also needs its 100K tune up.  And unless you are an expert at fixing cars its' probably not something you can do on your own.  You take it to the shop.

Relationships are the same way. When your woman is asking you to invest in it and work on some things, this does not mean there is anything wrong with you OR your relationship for that matter.  All relationships take work and need tuneups.  And this does NOT mean that you're a failure!

If your relationship needs to go into the "shop" for a "tuneup" it's not a sign that  you have failed.  It's  a sign that you are THE MAN and have actually totally succeeded in her eyes.

Trying to fix your relationship yourself seldom works because most couples usually need more support and guidance to find their way back to the love and satisfying sex they desire especially once unproductive patterns have set in. Its not something you should try to fix on your own or attempt to do just from reading a few relationship books.

During the Art of Sacred Relationship Weekend you will NOT have to share feelings or personal information in front of the group.  You will have a chance to connect more deeply with your partner and actually get on the same page.  

Your woman will learn how to connect with you in a new way, one that no longer sounds like nagging and complaining and you will begin to  feel genuinely respected and appreciated like the AWESOME guy that you are.

You will learn a proven pathway to getting more consistent and satisfying sex because you will have the key to making her feel more validated in her emotions and feel more connected to you as a result--this is the key to opening her sexual energy and activating her sexual desire!

Guys, I understand you may feel uncertain about all this. If you would like a chance to connect with me personally to have your questions answered I would be more than happy to connect with you and your partner over the phone or Skype.  Please contact me here if you are interested.

Can't Get Your Partner On Board? Don't Have a Partner?

Are you feeling frustrated because you don't know how to get your partner on board with your desire to create a more conscious intimate relationship?  Do you deeply desire to learn how to have a Fifth Way relationship but he or she just doesn't seem interested?
Or maybe you are currently single but deeply want to learn these powerful tools and practices so that you can attract the conscious and loving relationship you have always dreamed of.

I get it.  Trying to get your partner on board with your desire for more can begin to feel like riding a bicycle with the back wheel missing.  It feels like a dragging weight pulling you back, keeping you stuck where you no longer want to be.

It feels exhausting, frustrating, and you may feel like just caving in, throwing up your arms and giving up your efforts entirely.
Hey I speak from experience here. I spent ten years in a marriage where I felt like I was doing this.  We do this because we care deeply. We love and we want the absolute best for our partners. We may even see the potential inside of them and in the relationship that they just cannot see.
And we badly want to see them develop this potential.  We want to experience all that we know is possible for our relationship.  But how do you do this when the other person is being so darn stubborn and just not willing to take that next step with you?
Here's what you do: You let them be.  You love them where they are at. And YOU KEEP GOING. Do not stop pursuing your own growth.  And do not  relinquish your dream and your desire to have the intimate and loving relationship you know is possible.
Because here's the truth: It only takes one person to change a pattern but it takes two to maintain it.  As you shift, your relationship dynamics will also begin to shift.
Walking the Fifth Way has to do more with you and your perception and understanding of the function of your relationship in your life--regardless of whether or not your partner shares this paradigm with you.
Registration is open to you whether or not you attend with an intimate partner and whether or not you currently have an intimate partner. The teachings work either way. However, I do recommend that you try to attend with a friend in place of a romantic partner if possible. This is not required, just a suggestion.

Attending with a friend will give you a trusted person to practice the material and be vulnerable with and provide you with a chance to continue practicing after the event.

If you cannot find a friend to attend with you you are still welcome to join us as there will be other attendees you can partner with during the weekend to practice the material.
But Will it Still Work?
All of the practices and experiential tools we do in the course are just as easily applicable to non-romantic relationships.  And you will be able to take all that you learn in the weekend back in to your intimate relationship (or a future relationship) and work on changing the very dynamic that is keeping you feeling so stuck.

YOU will become the empowered agent of change for your relationship and will understand that what you learn in this weekend applies to ALL relationships--not just romantic ones.

No more trying to drag your partner along. No more nagging or trying to convince
Remove the resistance. Invite a friend who wants to learn these tools and skills along with you and come work and support one another on the journey. Or attend by yourself and meet others who share your desire for conscious partnership.  Keep YOUR OWN growth going no matter what.

What this IS and Who this IS for

  • This intensive is for any couple in a committed relationship who is dedicated to their own growth and personal development and who desire to create a more conscious and joyful partnership.  
  • It is for couples who want to create a deeper connection, experience more satisfying  sex and intimacy but who sometimes struggle with difficulty expressing needs, feeling disconnected from their partner, sexually unsatisfied, often confused about how to get back to that sweet spot of desire, passion, love and connection.
  • It is for individuals who want to transform their relationship but can't get their partner to attend with them OR who are currently single but who want to be able to attract a more conscious partnership in the future.
  •  It is for you if you want to have fun while learning to improve your relationship --whether it's already pretty good or in need of a 'lil  tune up.
  • This is a FUN and experiential weekend full of PRACTICAL skills and experiences designed to help you form a solid foundation for the long term health of your relationship.

What this Isn't and Who this is NOT for

  • This experience is not for you if you are not interested in personal growth or if you are not committed to investing time, energy and money into your relationship.
  • This workshop is not for you if you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your results.  We can show you the way but YOU have to do the challenging work!
  • This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix--relationships take work BUT that work can be fun and juicy and productive!
  • This is not for you if you are in need of intensive therapy.  Though this experience is therapeutic it is NOT therapy and should not be considered  a replacement for intensive psychotherapy or counseling.
  • This is NOT a boring weekend where you just get a bunch of information and watch videos.  This  is an interactive experiential event!
  • This is NOT an overnight retreat (but feel free to book a room at the hotel and turn it into a romantic weekend getaway if you like!)
  • There is NO nudity or sexual touching of any kind.
  • You will not be expected to share personal or private information in front of the group.
  • This is NOT "group therapy".

Enrollment Details

Enrollment is Currently Closed.  Upcoming Workshop Dates TBA

100% Money Back Guarantee

This weekend course is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. By the end of the first day you decide it's not for you, let us know! You may request a full refund with no questions asked.

Value: Efficiency and Efficacy

Many couples desire more connection and intimacy and better more frequent sex.  And many couples sit on a problem for way too long before taking action to get some support.  Traditional couples counseling unfortunately can be not only tedious, with challenges coordinating schedules etc, 

For those considering such a route, the Art of Sacred Relationship weekend is an excellent alternative at a much better value. You will learn more in less time and become equipped with practical skills that you can implement in your relationship right away.

A fun and interactive experience where you  get to meet other conscious couples and have a little romantic getaway with your sweetie for the weekend!

Save time. Save money. Get results. Have Fun!

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