How it Works

In my private sessions, workshops, classes and retreats I create a safe and sacred space where you have permission to completely relax and be  yourself. Relaxation and unconditional acceptance open the gateway to the flow of divine energy which facilitates and allows the deeper healing work to be gracefully accomplished.

I use a range of techniques from traditional counseling to mind-body-energy practices and alternative energy healing techniques to help you to reconnect with you deeper self-your feminine essence and inherent creative life force---allowing you to release old patterns of emotions, belief and behavior. The Feminine Wisdom approach relies strongly on the use of intuition and energy to address the root cause of an issue.

Though we may talk bout and address sexuality and intimacy as it pertains to your presenting concern, you will never be asked  to undress, touch yourself or do anything sexual during the sessions.

During each session you are empowered with practices and tools that you can use out side of sessions to further facilitate the healing and growth work on your own.

In this work we get out of our heads and into our bodies.  We learn to experience the body as the mind. The natural result is that energetic blocks and negative thoughts and feelings gracefully melt away, leaving us feeling renewed, vital, and healed. When we learn to become fully embodied and connected to all of who we are, we are better able to live our lives from an entirely fresh perspective.

When women learn to stay connected to their feminine essence and release the internal blocks that get in the way, many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, listlessness, purposelessness, etc melt away as a new sense of creativity, passion and joy emerge.

I  use a creative "in the moment" and "on demand" blend of counseling, sex therapy, alternative energy healing, intuitive readings, spiritual coaching, and occasionally inspired movement all of which help you  clear limiting beliefs, release sabotaging emotions and behavior patterns, and gain fresh perspectives on relationships, sex and love so that you can feel more empowered, be happier and feel  more satisfied and in control of your life.

It is a bit like clearing the debris from a river so that the river can flow unobstructed in a  healthy way again

Each woman is unique and so each session and process of healing is also unique.  There is no one size fits all.  This work is custom tailored to you and who you are.

We all get caught up in patterns of over giving, not enough rest, delaying our creative pursuits, etc. which can cause us to feel overwhelmed, depressed, and sometimes very stuck in our lives. 

Often we blame our situations or our relationships for how we are feeling and while some changes may indeed need to be made here,  we only realize lasting change when we remember to return first to ourselves.

From this stance of deep connection to our femininity, and creative life force we can literally change the circumstances of our lives by changing who we are being in each moment. Then we can truly embody and effortlessly live out new habits, new ways of seeing, and new ways of responding to our relationships and life.

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