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DNA Activation and the 12 Strand
DNA Reawakening

What Exactly is the 12 Strand DNA?
There is a whole lot of confusing information out there on the internet about the 12 strand DNA, what it is, how it functions, and how it can be activated. My intention here is to give you the most accurate information possible in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

Some of the information I am sharing with you here is s summarized from what I have found to be an accessible and reliable source on this topic, the book "Change Your DNA Change Your Life" by Robert Gerard of the DNA Healing Project. If you would like more information on his work and his discoveries on the DNA activation I highly suggest reading the book.

I also am sharing information based on my own training and experiences with the DNA Activation as I have used and understood them throughout my holistic healing practice and training.

The 12 Strand DNA

Youth and Vitality Chromosomes
The Youth and Vitality Chromosomes are the first strands to be activated during the DNA Activation and form the foundation for the awakening of the other ten strands. The Youth and Vitality chromosomes are the archetypal chromosomes and are instrumental in assisting in awakening the additional strands to their full potential. The "Youth" chromosome is like the spiritual record keeper of your life, the "Vitality" chromosome is the key holder to unlocking the energies of the other strands of spiritual DNA.

What is DNA Activation or DNA Reawakening?
The DNA activation is a two part process that usually takes place on two separate occasions for the recipient. However it may also happen all at once. It depends on what the persons soul or higher self is ready for in terms of spiritual development. Sometimes the second part of the activation will happen automatically after the first part has begun.