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What is the Wisdom Awakening Retreat?

The Wisdom Awakening Retreat is a one day experiential workshop for accessing profound shifts for deep transformation at the core of your being for dramatic results in your personal and professional life.  The Wisdom Teachings guide you in claiming authorship over your own life and journey towards personal fulfillment, creativity, and joy.

What are the Wisdom Teachings?

The Wisdom Teachings are about uncovering your own Truth and cultivating an awareness of your own personal process so that you are empowered to make radical shifts and transformations in all areas of your life. They are about clearing obstacles that keep you from your true nature and finding your true path and personal connection to Spirit. They are about personal empowerment on your path of awakening.

The Seven Principles of Wisdom

Wisdom Awakening is an experience of learning to cultivate  The Seven Principles of Wisdom  for  greater clarity, awareness and authorship of your own life which results in personal empowerment for better relationships, more abundance, and deeper levels of intimacy with self and others. The Seven Principles of Wisdom are:

  • Emotions
  • Belief Systems
  • Process
  • Witness
  • Listening
  • Transformation
  •  Awareness

The Wisdom Teachings are then brought forth to meet with the specific dynamics of the group and what you bring to the experience individually.

Workshop Details

“In the process of waking yourself up, you quickly realize that there’s no outside authority.  You have to verify everything yourself.  If you adopt something someone else said, it’s only after you have verified it for yourself.  If Jesus, Buddha, or Lao-Tzu made it, you can make it.  There’s no choice about this; you can’t walk in someone else’s shoes and there’s no turnkey solutions.”
-Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing

Claim Authorship of Your Life

As we walk the spiritual path, we encounter many teachers and gurus, some proclaiming to know the truth and to know the way to God.  Mentors and teachers are invaluable guides as we walk the path of awakening but the truth is that at the end of the day the path is ours alone.

The path is yours alone.  The journey of waking up involves a cultivation of becoming aware of your own process and meeting with your own inner Truth.

As I teach courses and work individually with clients I find that the desire is often for more health, more abundance, more money, more love, deeper intimacy in relationships, and emotional and physical healing. And all of these things are accessible to us through a deeper connection to our soul’s wisdom. This is where the healing really takes place. It is always right within our grasp and just beneath the surface of our awareness.

The greatest gift that I can give to you is the knowingness that what you seek cannot be found in anything outside of yourself. My role is to help you discover how to find this place within yourself so that you can become truly free and empowered on your journey.

The Wisdom Awakening retreat is about learning to cultivate this kind of deep and lasting awareness of your process and in so doing empowering you to discover the Truth that lies within you as you claim authorship of your own awakening.

The beauty of this retreat is that you get direct access to and guidance from an experienced spiritual guide while also receiving the support of a group of people with a common goal.  Guidance and support are critical to success on your spiritual journey and this is an opportunity for you to invite Spirit to move in your life in a whole new way.

As your personal spiritual guide, I am honored to be on this journey with you and always honored to hold a sacred space for your unique path to awakening.

As you begin to shift who you are and what you are becoming on the level of soul, the internal aspect of all that you are, the external circumstances of your life will do one of three things:

1. People or situations will rise to meet your new vibration

2.  People or situations will naturally gravitate away from you or resolve themselves naturally

3.  You will make an active decision to let go, rectify or remove yourself from people or situations that no longer serve you.

In a nutshell, as your consciousness shifts the rest of your life also shifts; either rising to meet you or shifting in a way to accommodate your new direction in a more supportive way.

As in all things, you can only begin with where you are at.  And where exactly are you at? Where is your starting point?  This can only be determined when you start to access Truth.  What exactly does this mean? It means that we begin to tell ourselves the truth, that we become brutally honest with ourselves.  As we begin to tell the truth, we in effect become the truth. Truth becomes no longer something we seek, but rather something that we become at the core of our being. Truth becomes that which we bring into every situation. And when you begin with Truth, Wisdom Awakens.

Based on the Seven Principles of Wisdom….

  1. Emotions
  2. Belief Systems
  3. Process
  4. Witness
  5. Listening
  6. Transformation
  7.  Awareness

…..the Wisdom Teachings are brought forth to meet with the specific dynamics of the group and what you bring to the experience individually. The result is greater clarity, wisdom and authorship of your own life which results in empowerment for better relationships, more abundance, and deeper levels f intimacy with self and others. What you bring to the experience is what will be addressed in the retreat.

This workshop/retreat is entirely experiential with the goal of transforming consciousness of who you are at the fundamental levels of your being as exemplified by the Seven Principles. This is about your unique path to your own awakening.

So then the question that comes next is how does one truly wake up? How do we become awakened masters? It begins of course with a deep and pure desire and intention to do so. It requires a steadfast commitment to the cultivation of your inner wisdom, your truth, and a dedication to cultivating your relationship with the Divine.  The best compass you have is this very inner guidance, what becomes your Guiding Prophet System, or your Spiritual GPS.  It is a place of knowing deep within you, a place that must be cultivated and awakened by your willingness and invitation and some good solid spiritual guidance and support along the way.