Radiant Transformation
3 Month Program for Aspiring Visionaries and World Changers

Feel Confident. Receive Clarity. Regain Control.

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The journey of waking up is unique to each of us. And for most of us there comes a turning point, a place we reach where we know we must either rise above our circumstances, our poor choices, our emotional pain, and  rise into our own greatness no matter the cost, or risk settling for less for the rest of our lives and living out our days in the land of compromise and regret.

These turning points can be frightening.  Full of fear and trepidation.  We seek certainty where there is none, we want answers to questions that we have not yet asked. The waters of our lives often look murky and we feel restless. 

We lack confidence in our abilities to use our gifts to really make a difference in this world.  We lack clarity of our life purpose and direction. And often we feel out of control of our lives and relationships.

And yet there is great beauty in this time.  There is a great power just beneath the murky surface, a potential for a greatness, and expansion as of yet unknown to us. It merely requires our "yes" and a willingness to become a vessel for something much larger to move through us, into our lives, beyond us, and into the world. This is the technology of greatness. 

This is the way of the visionary, the bridge builder, and the leader.

About the Program

The Three Women Three Months Radiant Transformation Program is a unique program designed for women ready to make such a big leap in her life and who would like an experienced guide to assist her in making a successful transition.

Though coaching, counseling and mentoring is an aspect of the work, this program is NOT life coaching or talk therapy.  The work I do with women involves a depth of presence and sacredness which invites in to the experience many facets of the divine awakening process: energy, intuition, emotional healing, belief shifting, sacred movement, meditation, sacred relationship, and intensive spiritual work.

Here is what one woman had to share about her experience:

I want you to know just how much I appreciate our work together and how much I have learned and healed while working with you!  Thank you for pushing me into those dark spaces I have wanted to ignore.  I am so much clearer on why I have accepted less than I deserve and I am so much more committed to ME.  I don't know how you do what you do, but I am so blessed you are a part of my life and you are here because I needed you to be.  I am a better person because we met! 

-Mary Moore Cavanagh

It is often difficult for me to describe exactly how I do what I do as well. But what I do know is that the women who work with me get results.  They expand, their lives change, and they begin to experience the fulfillment of their unique desires. 

They get unstuck and they begin to heal. They come to experience healing not as an event but as a scared and unique process of empowered unfolding and re-weaving together their entire way of being in the world, their life, and in their relationships.

The women who complete this program feel strengthened in their innate capacity to allow greatness, elevation, expansion into their lives, whereas before they were resisting it.

In truth, the work "works" because they were ready.

 As I only have three spots available, this program is NOT for everyone.

I am looking for a specific type of woman who:

  • Is ready to do whatever it takes to step into her highest vision of herself.
  • Feels a calling to have, be, do, and give something beautiful to the world but who may be feeling limited and stuck in an unfulfilling job or relationship.
  • Senses a higher potential for her life but doesn't quite know how to get it activated, how to get the ball rolling.  Doubt, fear and lack of confidence always seem to get in the way.
  • Is committed to exploring an all out immersion into discovering her feminine power, wisdom, and highest healing.  
  • Is ready move through some serious “stuff”,  drop the excuses,  and expand into a higher elevation of life.
  • Is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to create lasting change and unstoppable momentum in reaching her fullest and most radiant potential.
  • Is ready to change the freakin’ world with who she is meant to become.
  • Is ready to feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Is not afraid to show her bold commitment with a financial investment in honoring her own transformation.

Who this program is NOT for:

  • This program is not for women who want a cookie cutter path to healing and change.
  • It is not for women who are only willing to “try” or even “do their best”. 
  • It is not for women who feel they must wait to reach some kind of obscure benchmark before they are “ready” to develop themselves into the powerful woman they were meant to be. 

How it Works

Because I dedicate so much energy to each woman both in and outside of our sessions I limit participation to no more than three women at a time. 

We meet one on one in person or over the phone---every other week for 90 minutes OR once per week for 60 minutes (your choice)-- for three months.  I also make myself available to you via phone and email at anytime for any additional support you want or need between formal sessions.

Because each woman is unique and will bring with her unique desires, goals visions and dreams, the process for each woman will be different.  In each session I will meet the energy where it is and facilitate an experience that is unique to your own unfolding, healing, and growth.

Outside of our formal sessions together I will continue to hold a scared space for your unique process. This may involve activities on my part such as daily prayers or special meditations unique to you and your situation.

 Applications can be filled out by clicking here. 

Once I receive your application  I will contact you to set up a Discovery Session. This is a one hour complementary phone call where we will talk in depth about you and your situation and the areas you are most struggling in.  We also will talk about your dreams, your vision, and your desired outcomes.  Together we will create your unique Desire Map and I will provide you with a copy of your Desire Map after the call.

The Discovery Session is your time also to ask questions and  for us both to get clear on whether or not we will be a good fit to work together.  This is NOT a sales call and I will NOT sell to you during this time.  If you are interested in taking the next step I will wait for you to ask. Unfortunately I am unable to accept all requests to participate.

To get started please fill out an application here.

A Story for You: "The Visionary, the Healer, and an Invitation for 3 women"

It goes something like this:

“I’m tired of fixing people” I said.

“Well what is it that you really want to be doing? Who is it that you really want to work with?” he asked. 

His bright blue eyes fixed on me with that intense gaze that  made me feel as if he could see right through me.  All I could think about was the kiss we had shared earlier in the day, the kiss that had opened something deep within me, an expansion, an elevation into something greater than this limited world of form and matter.  And  I could sense this same opening happening again now, an unseen potential beginning to unfold from our words.

“Well, what really lights me up is working with women who are really ready to do whatever it takes to step into their fullest potential.  I want to work with women who are interested in learning to heal themselves and who want to become empowered to change the world with who they are.” I said as light began to shine from my face and a feeling of deep knowing formed in my belly.

“So you want to work with women who want to learn to heal themselves.  You don’t just want to fix their problems but you want to empower them to do it for themselves and to be able to then do it for others. You want to work with women who want to change the world with who they are and what they do.” He responded, as I watched a glimmer of a visionary's light radiate from his eyes, his mouth forming a slight and knowing grin.

“Yeah…. Yeah! That is exactly what I want!” I said, laughing and enjoying the palpable energy that raced between us as he helped me more clearly vision this deep desire within me.

And I began to feel the potential of this vision, now my vision, being born within me.  I could sense it, feel it.  I could see it and now I could create it, live it, and fully receive it.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone else to see the vision for us.  To help us see what we cannot see for ourselves.  And once we can feel it within us and recognize it as nothing less than our true soul desire, we can step into it, live it out, and boldly receive its fulfillment.

I too possess the visionary's gift--the ability to see deeply into the hidden parts and untapped potential in others. To bring forth that which they cannot see for themselves and then to help them to gracefully see it, feel it, heal and transform what limits, and then empower them to step into their souls vision for themselves and for the world.   

This is the way I desire to “heal” in the world. This is the way I desire to change the world.


You have a desire,  I have a vision. 

The time is NOW.  And the world is waiting.

Three  women.  Three months.

Are you in?

Mildly curious?

Want to learn more?

Tell me a little bit about yourself and where you are at, what you are wanting my help with and where you would like to be in three months in your personal development.  Best way to do this is to fill out an application by clicking here. 


Morgan Susan Taylor