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The monthly group sessions at Therapy for Your Soul are intended to be a way for the community to have access to and learn about spiritual healing principles, holistic health and healing, and related topics. These classes are experiential, which means you will learn tools that you can take with you and begin to incorporate into your daily life.

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Get the Government out of Women's Bodies NOW!

Women (AND men)—listen up! It is time for us women to reclaim our authority of our own bodies and get the government out of a woman’s uterus! Let me show you HOW:

Did you know that our bodies are intrinsically wired so that we can have control over our own fertility cycles? Did you know that any woman can learn to easily use this knowledge to her benefit?

We have been fed lies ladies—the lies have told us that we are powerless over our own fertility, that we need big pharma, insurance companies, and the federal and state governments to tell us what we can or cannot do with our reproductive capacities. And sadly too many of us have believed these lies, not knowing there was another way. Until now…..

In this two hour group seminar for women (and men!) of all ages and reproductive stages you will learn:

The Forbidden Acupressure Points
-Learn the secret acupressure points on the body that allow a woman total control of her own fertility cycles.
-Learn how to safely induce the menses, reduce or eliminate PMS, and delay the onset of menopause using these points

From Crazy Woman to Crazy Wisdom
-Diagnostic labels such as PMS and PMDD have served to further the belief that women are “hormonal” and “crazy”. In turn women have been taught to silence the wisdom of their own bodies, allowing themselves to be further oppressed by the patriarchal society at large.

In reality our menstrual cycles contain the wisdom for the healing of our deepest hidden fears, insecurities, and desires. We only need to learn to understand the language of a woman’s fertility cycle and how to access its wisdom for our own healing, for it is a doorway to deeper levels of wisdom and insight into a woman’s emotional and spiritual life.

Getting Free from the Dark Side of Hormonal Birth Control
-Aside from the known health risks, learn how synthetic hormones serve to silence the body’s own wisdom mechanisms, keeping a woman’s wisdom oppressed and suppressed.
-Learn about the three pronged approach to 100% natural birth control that has been shown to be equally effective and as reliable as the birth control pill.
-How to involve your partner in your fertility management a natural, safe and fun way.

Handouts and resources will be provided for practical application of the information presented.

Get out and Get the Word Out
Get the government out of your bedroom and take back control of your feminine power by reclaiming the inherent wisdom in your own body. Time to quit giving all your power away to the government and start to empower yourself with knowledge of how you can take control of your own fertility regardless of what happens in Washington.

While we need the sign holders and protesters on the frontlines, the silent battle will be won when we as women reclaim and begin to use this ancient wisdom. Nobody can take this power from us. This is true power. It is your responsibility as a woman to come and get this information and then share it with as many women as possible.

This is information every woman should know. And you men out there should know it too. This is a battle that cannot be won without the help of men-we need both genders to be successful!

Bring your sister, your mother, your daughter, your spouse, boyfriend, lovers, and all. This information needs to get out there and go viral.

If you are not yet convinced of the necessity of needing to know this information, then let me convince you to check out these appalling quotes on the topic and then read the full articles by clicking the link……

“Arizona’s Jon Kyl claimed on the floor of the House that “90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions” (it’s actually around 3 percent); his office later said his statement was “not intended to be factual.” Rush Limbaugh claimed, “Planned Parenthood is a money-laundering operation for the Democrat Party.” Glenn Beck said that only “hookers” use Planned Parenthood (in fact, one out of every five women has visited a PP clinic, including this writer).” Read the full article here

"Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex, and they're not going to use birth control anyway," Fox News' Bill O'Reilly said, Read the full article here

“We don’t want Planned Parenthood… engaged in this process”Around the state, other women are protesting the state's decision. Planned Parenthood serves 50,000 women in the program. The federal government said denying money to the organization -- a qualified provider under Medicaid rules -- is illegal. So it has pulled $35 million in federal funding.Governor Rick Perry defends the state's decision. "We don't want Planned Parenthood and their affiliates, who are in the abortion business, engaged in this process," he said. "This is pretty straight up." Read the full article here...

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Manifesting and Abundance

This class will introduce you to a manifesting meditation that utilizes your emotional energy to affect the vibration of your energy field to come into alignment with your vision. The lecture will cover the basics of manifesting from an energy standpoint including some of the many mistakes and hang ups people sometime fall into when trying to manifest. A group healing will facilitate the removal of energetic and emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting your desires. You will leave with a new and useful tool that you can use in your daily practice, and a fundamental understanding of how to use your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual energies to most effectively manifest your visions.

Activation of the 12 Strand DNA and Releasing Programs of Aging

Course description coming soon!

Accessig Intuition: The Process and Application of Theta Meditation

Course description coming soon

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