Awakening Radiance Sacred Dance and Healing Circle for Women
Confident. Connected. Alive!

Awaken your radiance. Ignite your light. Explore the medium of sacred dance, inspired movement, and mind/body meditations as a healing path for spiritual evolution.  Learn powerful Feminine Wisdom practices and tools to revive your creative life essence and move past limiting patterns of emotion and belief.  Feel more confident, alive, and connected. Be Radiant!

  Paused for Summer Break
Fall Dates and Times TBA
Dance International 2417 Buell Ave. Austin, TX
$15 drop in rate at the door
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What's it All About?

Disconnection from our bodies often leaves us feeling confused, depressed, or even bored with life. Our sparkle fades and our radiance diminishes. Dance and movement teach us how to reawaken our inner passion for life and help us remember our true purpose by reconnecting us with our own Divine Feminine source.

Sacred dance is about learning to channel this divine energy intentionally through our bodies for the purposes of healing,manifesting, spiritual awakening, or any other intent we bring to the dance.

This class is d
ifferent from ecstatic dance (which is largely unstructured and free form) in that it is a guided blend of both structured and unstructured dance and movement combined with mind/body healing and meditation techniques that help us to cultivate more presence, awareness and result in us feeling more confident, connected to life, and alive. Come out and move, reconnect, heal, feel confident again, connected to and supported by life, and radiant!

This is  a weekly recurring class and you can attend on a drop in basis--no commitment necessary. You can come once a week, once a month or once every six months, whatever suits you.


Because radiance is the essence of the feminine.  When we can learn to consciously cultivate our radiance--through unblocking the areas that are blocked, we increase our flow of life, our experience of inner beauty, and our ability to magnetize and co-create the life we want.  When we can experience ourselves as the source of love itself and learn to intentionally shine that love light upon others, we begin to understand what it really means to truly heal, and to truly love.

Why Movement and Dance?

The feminine is expressed within and through the body.  The full embodiment of our physical, emotional and spiritual experience is the highest expression of our feminine spiritual essence. 

Most of us have been taught that our bodies are ugly or bad or that we should not feel pleasure or we are selfish or vain for doing so, or perhaps trauma has caused us to shut down in some way, stifling our creative life force. 

Movement is one of  the most direct ways to take us out of our heads- where we tend to be stuck all at the time- and right into what is happening in the here and now via the body.  In this class I help you learn how to instantly shift from one mental-emotional state to another using the power of mantra, meditation, and movement.   Sacred dance is nothing more than using dance as a path of healing, experiencing your body and its movement as pathway to the divine.

Purpose of the Class

The purpose of this class is to provide women with a weekly container for coming together as a group to practice the Feminine Wisdom practices and principles that you have likely experienced with me in my other classes or one on one work.  There is a big emphasis on developing greater amounts of presence and awareness in the body and learning to navigate through the feeling senses to co-create, manifest, change and heal. 

The class will be a forum for self inquiry, exploration and growth both individually and collectively. As women we can only truly thrive when we are being fed energy, support and power form other women.  Let us learn to do this for one another! 

This is intended to be a safe container for our inner work and our outer expression of who we are and what we are doing in the world. Bring ALL of who you are to this class and let this be your space to be witnessed in your radiance, to be witnessed and grown into who you are meant to become. 

We will be exploring various Feminine Wisdom practices such as meditations, body-mind energy practices, sacred dance and inspired movement as pathways to expansion, healing and growth.  The class is also intended to support you in cultivating a new or informing your existing spiritual practice outside of class.