Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A.
Founder, Feminine Wisdom Academy

The Short Story

Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A. is the founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy. She is a sexuality educator, sex therapist, and alternative  healing practitioner specializing in women's sexual health and feminine spirituality.

Morgan began her career in the field of human sexuality in 2008, starting as an alternative healing practitioner, spiritual coach, and sexuality educator prior to adding the skills of professional counseling and sex therapy in 2014.

In addition to the classes, workshops and individual coaching and healing services offered at Feminine Wisdom Academy, Morgan also provides professional counseling and sex therapy services for residents of the State of Texas as an LPC-Intern under the clinical supervision of Claudia Thompson, LPC-Supervisor..   Visit for more details.

She is available to work in person in her office in Austin, TX or via phone or Skype.

The Long Story

After a series of rather painful life experiences, relationships breakups, and many spiritual realizations, Morgan declared a commitment to reclaiming her personal power.  Tired and frustrated at attracting the same type of intimate partner into her life again and again, and feeling powerless over being able to create and maintain a relationship where the intimacy was deeply spiritual and soulfully nourishing, Morgan made an unwavering commitment to reclaiming and understanding her own sexuality.

This declaration led to a string of stranger than fiction happenings and divine synchronicity that marked the beginning of what would become a year long intensive (and ongoing!) journey into the study of her own sexuality and feminine spirituality; a journey that would lead her to a new found personal freedom and put her on a path to authentic spiritual, relational and sexual fulfillment.

Morgan's experiences and self discoveries led her to become passionate about normalizing the conversation around sex and sexuality. Morgan believes there is a genuine need in the world for a real education on enlightened approaches to love, sex and relationships.  This passion inspired her to create the transformative course on women's sexuality, Enlightened Intimacy: 8 Weeks to a More Satisfying Love Life. which is now available as an online course or in person weekend intensive.  Morgan also certifies women to teach the Enlightened Intimacy Curriculum as a way to share their passion and knowledge while making an income doing so.

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